10 most interesting cross country skiing tracks in Southwest Finland

Ninna | 1.2.2022

We collected tips from active cross country skiers about their favorite destinations in Southwest Finland and chose 10 most interesting destinations to share! Which one interests you the most?

1. The white miracle of Valpperi | Nousiainen

© Nousiaisten Alku
  • Address: Urheilutie 17, Nousiainen

Have you heard of Valpperi's white miracle? The snow fall in Southwest Finland is often very unpredictable. In Valpperi, there has long been rumour of a white miracle, as the area often has an amazingly good snow fall compared to the surroundings. Valpperi is a popular place for cross country skiing and it's a place for many skiing events. In 2006 they even organized a Finnish Championship in Valpperi.

2. Around the lake in Littoinen | Kaarina

Hiihtolatu Littoistenjärven jäällä.
© hoods.fi
  • AddressLittoistenjärventie 153, Kaarina

Littoistenjärvi is one of the most popular winter sports environments in the entire Turku region. What could be more wonderful than flying through the open natural ice on your skis in the stunning scenery of Littoinen, on the surface of a round lake! Depending on the snow fall and thickness of ice, you can go skiing or ice skating on the lake.

Note! Moving on natural ice is entirely at your own risk. 10 cm is classified as safe ice thickness.

3. Skiing tracks of Karuna village | Sauvo

Joukko ihmisiä hiihtämässä ladulla.
© Karunan Kyläyhdistys
  • Address: Nuorisotalontie, Sauvo

Rantola in Sauvo is a less-known gem of cross country skiing. It is worth going here especially to enjoy the scenery, as there are large field areas, calming forests and a view to the sea. A local organization Karunan Urheilijat make the trails to field and forest landscapes every year when the snow fall allows them to. Last year, the trails and walkway were also plowed into the sea ice, where you could get around the nearest island!

Note! Moving on natural ice is entirely at your own risk. 10 cm is classified as safe ice thickness.

4. Winter sports center of Pikku-Lahto | Aura

Ilmakuva Auran metsistä ja Pikku-Lahdon laduista.
© Auran Kuntoilijat ry
  • Address: Maijantie, Aura

In Aura, in the end of Maijantie road you will find a lovely winter sports center maintained by local organization Auran Kuntoilijat! This gem of winter sports is a less-known nature oasis for cross country skiing and ice skating where usually only locals of Аura find their way. The locals are developing the services of this center every year. There is also a great hill for sledding for the kids to enjoy!

5. Cross country ski hike: From Eura to Säkylä

Kaksi ihmistä hiihtämässä metsässä auringonpaisteessa.
© Gustav Lundborg / Pexels
  • Address: Maasillantie 5-7, Eura tai Karjalantie 1, Säkylä

During the best winter season and when there is a lot of snow, the Kauttua-Kepola route is a great ski hike that leads through forests and swamps for about 10 kilometers from Eura to Säkylä. The route starts from the lovely forests of Eura Kauttua and ends at Harri Pati's illuminated ski trail in Säkylä. The Kauttua-Kepola trail is especially suitable for cross country skiers who crave for a long forest hike and their own peace. This epic hiking trail can only be accomplished when there is enough snow.

If the snow situation is not yet favorable for forests, you can go cross country skiing on the ice of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Along Pyhäjärvi, you can enjoy the charm of it at least from the shore of Hevossuo all the way to the shore of Röhö. The trails may be made even further!

Note! Moving on natural ice is entirely at your own risk. 10 cm is classified as safe ice thickness.

6. Kännölä tracks | Huittinen

Hiihtäjä vetää ladulla perässään lasta kärryissä.
© pasja1000 / Pixabay
  • Address: Räikänmaantie 145, Huittinen

The popular Kymmenvuori-Vihkimysvuori-Pyölönvuori route right next to the center of Huittinen offers varied terrain for cross country skiing in winter. It is suitable for both beginners and those looking for wild challenges. You should also bring snacks to this fascinating three-hill route, as there are up to three sheds near the trails, of which the Lady Shed is comfortable along the ski run. You need your own trees for the sheds! Close to the parking lot there is also amazing hill for sledding for kids and a fireplace.

7. Flat terrain in Kultaranta resort | Naantali

Pelloille tehty tasainen hiihtolatu Naantalin Luonnonmaalla.
© hoods.fi
  • Address: Särkänsalmentie 178, Naantali

In Luonnonmaa in Naantali you will find a free 5 km long skiing track that is perfect for beginners and those who don't fancy going uphill or downhill. The trail is made over a Kultaranta golf course and offers lovely wide views. At the beginning of the track, there is a slightly creepy downhill for the beginner, but you can walk it if you wish, after which you can enjoy the fairly flat ski terrain.

8. Tracks of Kerttula and Petäsmäki | Raisio

Hiihtolatu metsän keskellä.
© zanna-76 / Pixabay
  • Address: Nuortentie 4, Raisio

Raisio's most popular skiing trails are the forest tracks in Kerttula, which spread out over the picturesque terrain and landscapes of Kuuanvuori. The great thing about these trails is that there is definitely a suitable length for everyone to ski according to their own endurance. There are three illuminated trails in Kerttula and if there is enough snow the tracks will continue much further all the way to Petäsmäki!

9. Marttilan mainiot hiihtomaastot

Hiihtäjä metsässä.
© Simon / Pixabay
  • Address: Metsäniityntie 11, Marttila

Marttila offers skiing challenges for even the most experienced veterans. An illuminated cross-country ski run has been renovated on the running track in the Tervaskannonmäki area, and the differences in altitude invite the wildest cross country skiers even further afield. The terrain is wooded and you can go skiing up to 5 km enjoying the ascents and descents.

10. Kurjenrahka National Park and Savojärvi skiing tracks

Latu pellolla puiden ympäröimänä.
© Kuhankuonon retkeilyreitistö
  • Address: Rantapihan parkkipaikka, Savojärventie, Nousiainen

The Kuhankuono trails are popular skiing experiences in the picturesque Kurjenrahka National Park. The trails run in the vast marshlands and on the ice of the lake, so they are very suitable for even beginners. It is definitely worth visiting because of the unique scenery of Finnish nature. The skiing tracks are up to 9 kilometers when there is good enough snow fall.

This year, the skiing track was made also on the ice of Savojärvi. The length of the lake trail is a little less than 5km and the most amazing thing is that there are no cottages or settlements on the shores of this lake! On the Kuhankuono track, you can enjoy the charm of traditional cross country skiing.

Special mention: Haukkavuoren ladut

© Anssi Casanova
  • Address: Haukkavuorentie 43, Riihikoski

Many enthusiastic cross country skier tipped us that the pearl of the skiing centers of Southwest Finland can be found in Haukkavuori in Pöytyä! On these well-maintained trails you can enjoy multi-length routes from 0.7km to 5 km and rent skis at a low price. These home tracks of Finnish national team skier Johanna Matintalo offer height differences that please the cross country skiers that love speed and challenge.

Which one of these tracks did you like best?

P.S. You can get familiar with the residential areas of the Turku region with the help of our free search engine!



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Marika Salmi

Haukkavuoren ladut Pöytyältä puuttuu listasta. Käy ihmeessä testaamassa, erinomaiset! Lenkkejä 0.7-5km. Latuja hoitaa Pöytyän urheilijat hiihto

13.2.2022 21:06Vastaa
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Ninna | Hoods.fi

Kiitos erinomaisesta vinkistä Marika! 😊 Pöytyän Haukkavuoren laduista kiinnostuneet löytävät kätevästi lisätietoja täältä: https://www.poytyanurheilijat.fi/hiihto

14.2.2022 15:36
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Ninna | Hoods.fi

Yksi erinomainen kohde myös listan 10 hiihtoladun lisäksi on legendaarinen Harjureitti, jota myös Pikku-Lapiksi kutsutaan. Harjureitti on Eteläisen Satakunnan tunnetuimpia latuja ja sen kunnossapidosta vastaavat Loimaan ja Huittisten kaupungit sekä Oripään ja Säkylän kunnat.

Lisää tietoa Harjureitistä löytyy täältä: https://harjureitti.fi/

14.2.2022 15:42Vastaa
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