Jouluhaaste 2022 - Löydä joulun inspiroivat tapahtumat

Anna | 16.11.2022

The Christmas Challenge has started again! Visit one or more of the 12 Christmas events included in the challenge, take a picture from the spot, and participate in the Challenge. Santa will reward a few lucky participants at the end of the event. From traditional Christmas markets to a wonderful musical, the Challenge is guaranteed to lift your holiday spirits!

Rules and prizes:

EDIT 19th of December 2022: The Christmas Challenge has now ended, thank you to everyone who took part! Congratulations Salme, Minna and Marjo for winning the prize raffle!

You could participate in the Christmas challenge between 18 November and 18 December 2022. These were the rules:

  1. Get to know the events and find the locations on the map (the icon shows a Christmas tree).
  2. Go to an event and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. You can visit just one event or be inspired to visit more. One event equals one draw in the competition!
  3. Take a photo or video at the destination and participate in one of the following ways:
    • Share the photo/video on your public Instagram account or on your IG story. Tag @knowyourhoods and add #jouluhaaste2022 to ensure we see your post. NOTE! If you share a photo on your IG feed, your account must be public.
    • You can also share a photo or video on Facebook in the Christmas Challenge post pinned to the top of the @knowyourhoods account page. Share the photo/video in the comment section of the post and tell us at which event it was taken!
    • Alternatively, you can also send the picture or video to Tell us in the message at which event the photo was taken.
  4. Among all the participants of Christmas Challenge 2022, 3 50e gift cards will be drawn, as well as a few surprise prizes. The gift cards will be for a service of winner's choice in Southwest Finland. The more events you attend, the more tickets you get for Santa's gift raffle! Remember to share a photo or video of each event using one of the methods mentioned above.

The event is organized by Know Your Hoods and municipalities from Southwest Finland.

Ho ho ho, let's go! Which of these events will you definitely visit?

1. Christmas at Kauttua Ironworks

  • When? Every Saturday from 18th of November to 21st of December 12–4pm (12/21 12–7pm)
  • Where? Kauttua Ironworks, Tallinmäki (Varkaudenmäentie 1)
  • What? Opening of the Christmas season, Pony Winter Wonderland and Christmas market, local shops are also open 
  • More information: Kauttua Ironwork webpage (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #eurassatapahtu
Wooden houses in Kauttua Ironworks decorated with sprig garlands

2. Opening of the Christmas Season in Aura

  • When?: Friday 25th of November, 5–8pm
  • Where?: Auraamo’s yard area (Turuntie 1)
  • What?: Finland’s only Christmas vehicle parade, Christmas market and various Christmas festivities
  • More information: Aura’s Christmas Opening FB event page + Aura’s event calendar (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #ajoneuvojenjouluvalokulkue #jouluvalokulkue #aurankunta #elävänvirrankunta
A truck decorated with Christmas lights
© Municipality of Aura

3. Christmas at Marttila: Christmas Opening & Christmas Market 

  • When? Christmas opening on Saturday 26th of November, 4–6pm | Christmas market on Saturday 3rd of December, 10am–2pm
  • Where? Christmas opening at Marttila library and Villa (Härkätie 723) | Christmas market at Kraapan Wintti (Rekoistentie 131)
  • What? Christmas treats, sleigh rides and Christmas market
  • More information: Marttila’s event calendar & Marttila’s Christmas opening FB event page (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #marttila
Close up image of a decorated Christmas tree

4. Sauvo’s Christmas Market

  • Time: Saturday 26th of November, 3–5pm
  • Place: Sauvo’s marketplace (Sauvontie 29)
  • What: Christmas Market and a Christmas Music Night at Sauvo’s Church
  • More info: Sauvon Iltatori FB page (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #sauvo #sauvonjoulu
decorated Christmas cookies

5. Opening of the Christmas Season and Christmas Market in Askainen

  • When? Saturday 26th of November, 9am–1pm
  • Where? Marski’s marketplace (Vesiläntie)
  • What? Christmas market with a lottery and Christmas music, turning on the Christmas tree lights & a visit from Santa!
  • More information: Askainen village association’s calendar or the event's FB page (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #askainen
Christmas wreaths on display on a market stall

6.  Krookila’s Christmas Market

  • When? Saturday 26th of November, 10am–2pm
  • Where? Krookila home region center (Krookilankuja 40)
  • What? Cozy Christmas market and for example pony rides for kids. Krookila’s restaurant and shop are also open during the event!
  • More information: Krookila’s Christmas market FB event page
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #krookila #krookilankotiseutukeskus
Krookila main house during winter

7. Opening of the Christmas Season in Uusikaupunki

  • When? Sunday 27th of November, 11am-4:30pm
  • Where? Kauppatori and Rauhanpuisto (Alinenkatu 32)
  • What? Old time Market, Official Opening of the Christmas season in Uusikaupunki, and Christmas lights
  • More information: City of Uusikaupunki webpage (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 
Christmas market and Christmas lights in Uusikaupunki
© City of Uusikaupunki

8. Christmas in Naantali

  • When? 1st to 4th of December, Opening night 1st of December at 5:45 pm
  • Where? Naantali city center, market square and Old Town, surroundings of Naantali spa
  • What? Weekend with events, a Christmas market, and a Christmas shop by local entrepreneurs
  • More information: Read more on Visit Naantali -webpage (in Finnish)
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022 #visitnaantali #naantali #naantalinjoulu #mysideofnaantali
Christmas market stalls in Naantali
© City of Naantali

9. Light Adventure

  • When? 3th of December 2022 until 8th of January 2023 at 4–9pm   
  • Where?  Aurajoki riverside, Turku (map of the Adventure will be published soon, stay tuned!)
  • What? A few kilometers long adventure that leads you to a light installation 
  • More information: Light Adventure’s webpage
  • Hashtagit: #jouluhaaste2022, #valonpolku, #valosuunnistus2022
Turku city hall in the evening

10. Merry Neighborhood Hunt in Lieto 

  • When? Anytime between 5th to 18th of December
  • Where? The Hunt's map will be published soon, stay tuned!
  • What? A Christmas themed orientation suitable for all ages
  • More information: Neighborhood hunt’s webpage
  • Hashtags: #jouluhaaste2022
Lieto's church during dusk

11. Christmas Comes to Raisio

Santa Claus greeting a child and an adult
© City of Raisio

12. Jouluevangeeljum Musical in Rauma

Joulevangeeljum -musical poster
© Rauma

By Vvsiting at one of these 12 Christmas events and taking a picture or video at the event you participate in the Challenge. Or you can also just visit the events without participating— the most important thing is to enjoy the season. Let the Jul times begin!

P.S. You can get familiar with the neighborhoods of Southwest Finland with the help of our free search engine!

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-Elisa, Anna & Know Your Hoods


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Kiitos tästä, nyt on helppoa suunnitella joulua edeltävät viikonloput, kun ei itse tarvitse etsiä tietoja! 🤩

17.11.2022 21:20Vastaa
2 0

No niinpä! Ainakin itsellä joulutapahtumien googlailuun vierähtää helposti vaikka kuinka aikaa, niin on kiva kun ne löytyykin kootusti samasta paikasta! 🙂

Anna Hoodsilta

23.11.2022 12:03
0 0
Hely Kyllikki

Ihan huikean hienon ja monipuolisen Jouluhaasteen olette koonneet tällekin vuodelle. Kiitos siitä.🎄
Kyllä taas on mukava lähteä valosuunnistamaan Tampereeltakin Teitä kohti. 🧡

26.11.2022 8:07Vastaa
0 0

Kiva kuulla ja tervetuloa! 🙂

Anna ja Hoodsin väki

28.11.2022 9:21
1 0