Best places for ice skating and cross country skiing in Turku, Kaarina, Naantali and Raisio

Ninna | 15.1.2021

A wonderful snowy winter is here - time for winter sports! We explored all cross country skiing and skating opportunities in Naantali, Raisio, Kaarina and Turku. Do you already know where are the best ski trails and frozen fields for ice skating?

Unfortunately this blog post is currently only in Finnish. If you can read our beautiful language or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post here.



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Voiko jossain muualla vuokrata suksia,kuin Impivaarassa….?

15.1.2021 21:31Vastaa
1 0

Hei! Tietojemme mukaan Turun kaupunki vuokraa suksia vain Impivaarassa, mutta jotkut urheilu-yhdistykset saattavat myös vuokrata välineitä (esim. Turun Latu).

17.1.2021 18:45
1 0