Weekly winners of the Beloved Turku photo competition, part 1

Susanna | 25.1.2020

We organized Rakas Turku (Beloved Turku) competition in the Fall 2019. The competition was a great success with over 400 amazing photos about both the historical and modern, natural and built and silent and active city life. We'll publish the first 9 weekly winners in this blog post.

Our photo competition was organized by Know Your Hoods and a local newspaper Turkulainen. In addition, many local firms donated lovely prizes for the weekly winners. Thank you for all the partners and participants of the competition.

The competition was held every week with a new theme from August 21st until the end of the year 2019. Let's be amazed by the photos of our weekly winners. The original post with comments about the winning photos is published only in Finnish. Change the language settings of Know Your Hoods into Finnish in order to read (or use Google Translate) the whole article

9 magnificent photos

Week 1. Beloved Turku: Pride week at the River Aura

Aerial picture of River Aura and its colourful bridges in the center of Turku in the night time.
© Mikael Grönroos

Week 2. My Beloved Neighborhood: Sunset at Halinen

A sunflower and a green verdant field behind it in the sunset in Halinen, Turku.
© Anni Kuoreinen

Week 3. Turku by the Water: Along the River Aura

Turku Cathedral in the horizon with thick clouds and the Aura River flowing in the front.
© Leo Kääriäinen

Week 4. 790 Years Old Turku: The Turku Castle

The Turku Castle rising high against the bright orange sky in Linnanfältti in Turku.
© Joonas Turunen

Week 5. Study in Turku: Pikkulaskiainen -Studen Party

Students having a student party called Pikkulaskiainen at Puolalanmäki in the center of Turku. There are many blue balloons rising up to the skies.
© Päivi Säiniö

Week 6. Voting for a Favorite Photo: Sunrise at the River Aura

Sun shining through morning fog over a field on a riverbank of River Aura in Kaarina.
© Jyri Aerikkala

Week 7. Autumn in Turku: Autumn Colors in the City Center

The Aura river flowing in the center of Turku in the autumn while the leaves of the trees are colouring the view orange.
© @tmhgonzo

Week 8. Autumn in neighboring cities: The Joy of Autumn

A girl with a leatherjacket and a skirt smiling and throwing autumn leaves to the air in Tuorla in Kaarina.
© @flashingporridge

Week 9. Life in the Nature: The Jogging Buddy

A white dog running towards the camera with a stick on its mouth and autumn leaves covering the ground in Vaarniemi in Kaarina.
© Sunneva Ollila

Which picture is The One?

Which one of these photos made you smile, happy or astonished? Leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post.

- Susanna

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