Runosmäki-Raunistula - Diverse neighborhoods with awesome outdoors and sports possibilities

Susanna | 10.7.2020

Turku Neighborhood Weeks introduces diverse and inspiring neighborhoods in the City of Turku during the Summer of 2020. The 6th destination is Runosmäki-Raunistula region, which is located in North of the City Center. The area offers homes for every need from reasonable priced apartments in Runosmäki to traditional wooden houses in Raunistula.

The City of Turku is divided in 9 regions. We collected people’s thoughts about Runosmäki-Raunistula and made a video for your inspiration. Unfortunately the subtitles are only in Finnish, but we’ll hope you enjoy the scenary. :)

The whole blog post is also written in Finnish. If you'd like to practise the language or use Google Translate, please change the language settings into Finnish from the top right corner.

-Susanna & Know Your Hoods team

P.S. You can try our search engine for neighborhoods and test which neighborhood in Turku Region would be a best fit for you. Search engine operates in English. :)


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