Dreaming of building your own home? Find the hottest lots of Kaarina

Susanna | 7.2.2020

Lot market is livening up at this time of the year. That’s why, with the first rays of the spring sun, we published the plots of land for sale by the city of Kaarina to Know Your Hoods. Now you can explore Kaarina's lots and neighborhoods where your future homes will find their place. Let's see what's on offer.

Find Kaarina’s lots conveniently on the map

The city of Kaarina is constantly developing new areas and the city currently has a record number of new lots available: more than 70 around the city. Together with the City of Kaarina (commercial cooperation), we developed a new feature in Know Your Hoods. Now you can easily find the land for sale in Kaarina from our service. Our goal is to make it easier to find lots together with valuable additional information about the neighborhoods where the lots are located.

Explore the lots through the Kaarina’s neighborhood pages, which you can find either through our search engine or by going to the Kaarina municipality page. The neighborhood pages have a map showing the lots for sale (in red) and their key details (which you can see by clicking on them). If this has sparked your interest, the button “Reserve the lot” brings you directly to Kaarina’s Lot Reservation Service.

Lots all around the city

New modern and big detached houses in Voivala in Kaarina.
New and modern building in Voivalanranta. © CYF

At the moment, there are lots for sale ready for building new houses all over the city, including the popular low-rise neighborhoods relatively close to the center of Kaarina. To the west of Voivala-Raadelma, a rapidly developing neighborhood close to the sea, the Rauhalinna area has multiple lots for sale. To the east of Kesämäki, Hulkkio offers lots with rustic views.

In the center of Piikkiö, close to the Pohtionvuori recreational area, there are lots for sale at a slightly lower price level than those closer to the center of Kaarina.

A visit to Empo in Kuusisto

Kaarina has many nice neighborhoods and enough land to build new houses on. In my opinion, the most interesting lots are currently located in Kuusisto, in the southwestern part of Empo. I have spent time in Kuusisto mainly for fishing, picnics or visiting the ruins of Kuusisto with friends or family, and thus, didn’t pay as much attention to the surrounding constructed area. Recently, I explored the area more thoroughly.

The shore of island of Kuusisto in the summertime. There is a dock and some reeds by the sea.
Kuusisto is a popular recreational area especially in summer time. © The City of Kaarina

The bridge connecting the island of Kuusisto to the mainland is only a couple of kilometers from the center of Kaarina, yet, upon entering Kuusisto you will immediately feel the calming atmosphere of nature. Empo’s low-rise area already has a lot of houses, but the homeowners seem to have enough space and greenery around them. Maybe that's why I loved the area so much! The newly-built areas look like their own little neighborhoods, and there’s still enough of untouched nature close by. The Kuusisto Strait is also just a short distance away.

Town houses and a lot of forest in aerial picture of Empo in the island of Kuusisto.
Empo in Kuusisto is lovely area with town houses close to nature. © CYF

There are many children living in the area and the surrounding landscapes are likely to appear as a dreamland through the eyes of these small adventurers. The day care center and first through second grades of primary school in Empo make parents’ life easier. The distance from the lots on sale to the school and day care is 1.4 km by roads. However, I glanced at the map and noticed that there might be a shortcut through the woods. The grades 3-6 can be completed in Kuusisto about 3 kilometers away if you go by a car (though I found a rather attractive shortcut here too :D).

A few new town houses in the snowy neighbourhood of Empo on Kuusisto island.
Town houses in Empo, Kuusisto. © CYF
Modern rectangular shaped houses and available lots in the island of Kuusisto in Kaarina.
Available lots in Kuusisto, Kaarina. © CYF

In-fill construction in Auranlaakso

The city is constantly working on new plans. I asked the people responsible for Kaarina’s land what are the most interesting new areas. Henna and Sami advised me to visit Pohjantyttärenkatu in Kultanummi on the border between Auranlaakso and Littoinen. Seven new lots were just released for sale.

In fact, Pohjantyttärenkatu street cannot be seen in the majority of the maps yet. I got to it following the crossing Vetehisenkatu street. Only later, from looking at the map, I realized that the area is just half a kilometer away from the Littoinen lake! Also the shielding woods are close and logistics-wise it is a great location in relation to both Kaarina and Turku centers.

Aerial picture of row houses in the neighbourhood of Kultanummi close to forests and Lake Littoinen.
Kultanummi is located close to popular recreational area of Lake Littoinen. © CYF
The new street called Pohjantyttärenkatu in the neighbourhood of Littoinen in an aerial photo. New lots are located next to the street on the right.
The new street called Pohjantyttärenkatu (left in the picture). New lots are located next to the street on the right. © CYF
Snowy new street called Pohjantyttärenkatu and forest around it where you can buy new lots in Kultanummi in the neighbourhood of Littoinen.
New area waiting for builders. © CYF

Where would you build your house?

I have never thought of myself as a person to have my house built (let alone build it myself!). However, while exploring lots and finished houses especially in Kuusisto, a little spark might have lit up… It would be quite a journey to witness the transition of an empty lot first into a house and then into a home. At least I definitely understand why it is a dream of many.

Have you ever thought of building your own home to Kaarina, or have you, perhaps, already built a house there? We'd love to hear your thoughts on lot search. Please share your experiences in this blog comment section to help others in the same quest.

- Susanna (still an apartment block resident for the time being)


If you have a move soon, try Know Your Hoods and let us help to find the best neighborhood for you.


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