Moving to Kaarina: Top 5 locations for newcomers!

Vieraskynä / Visiting author | 30.3.2022

When I moved to Kaarina for work, I didn’t have any information regarding the municipality and I had difficulties in coordinating in places and finding directions. That got me very lowly motivated to discover my new surroundings at first and I got lazy investigating the area. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for the internet, which made my job way easier.  Here are five attractions that have peaked my interest and I bet it will peak yours too! Most of the places I’ve chosen are culturally significant, if I may add.

TOP 5: Väisälä Spacepark

Väisälän avaruuspuiston observatorion torni.
Observatory of Väisälä space park invites to have a peak to the universe. ©
  • Address: Väisäläntie 20, Kaarina

Nerds listen up! If you’re interested in space and science, this place is certainly the one for you. Spacepark Väisälä is definitely for those who like to gaze at the stars and admire many beautiful colors of the universe.

This spacepark is Finland’s biggest space science research institute and has the biggest telescope as well. The place provides a variety of services, like a planetarium, where you get to watch movies. You can also take a tour in the observatory and attend to exciting events, where your enjoyment is guaranteed.

“We have a digital planetarium where you may find diverse movie collection about the earth and about the beginning of the universe.” - Spacepark Väisälä

You can book tickets on Spacepark Väisälä’s website. You can get there by car.

TOP 4. Kuusisto’s Art Manor

Punainen puinen kartano lumisen maiseman keskellä Kaarinan Kuusistossa.
The Kuusisto Art Manor offer exciting art exhibitions for free. ©
  • Address: Linnanrauniontie 577, Kaarina

What’s the second best thing after space science? Art of course! Welcome to the culture historical Art Manor, where multiple cultural events are arranged and beautiful artwork can be found also outside in the summertime. Most of the exhibitions take place only during the summer, but you can find a few during the winter season too.

This Art Manor was built in the 18th century and it had functioned as a museum from 1980 until 2012. These days the staff will do their best to keep you entertained enjoying the artistic gems.

There is no entrance fee there. You can get to Kuusisto’s Art Manor easily with a car or with a Föli bus.

TOP 3: Harvaluoto beach

Kaksi naista pukee luistimia jalkaan järven jäällä.
Harvaluoto beach is sensational in the summertime but offers exciting nature experiences also during winter season. © Danik Prihodko / Pexels
  • Address: Krupuntie 65, Piikkiö

Do you feel like going swimming in a gorgeous beach with your family, friends or even by yourself? Harvaluoto beach has many services available. The area is a comfortable camping area, where you’ll find available toilets, a summer kiosk, a sauna and a dressing room. You can arrange many activities there, like hosting a barbecue!

In the winter when waters freeze and get strong enough, you may want to try ice skating on top of the sea. Remember that you have to think of safety first as 10cm is the safe thickness of ice.

In Harvaluoto beach you can bond and have some quality time with your loved ones! You can get to the beach by car and being in the area is free of charge.

TOP 2: Kaarinatalo

Kaarinatalo auringonlaskussa.
Kaarinatalo is a cultural center where you can find most of the city services very easily! ©
  • Address: Lautakunnankatu 1, Kaarina

Kaarinatalo is a place that every city should have. It’s the center of Kaarina’s services and serves as a cultural center as well as a living room for the people of Kaarina. This center is really convenient for holding meetings and also for working remotely, if you want some quiet and peace away from loud places. 

Kaarinatalo has services such as a library, an atmospheric cafe and lunch place and also exhibition spaces and a hall for cultural events. You also have free accessible Wi-Fi. Many people benefit from these kinds of services in their everyday lives, especially workers and students. 

You can get to Kaarinatalo easily by car or by bus. Feel free to check out Kaarina city website for opening hours.

TOP 1: Kuusisto’s Bishop Castle Ruins

Kuusiston piispanlinnan rauniot lumisena päivänä.
The Kuusisto's Bishop Castle Ruins are evidently the most popular attraction of the city – and no doubt why! © Kaarinan kaupunki
  • Address: Linnanrauniontie 643, Kaarina

The most exciting discovery in Kaarina for me was the old Bishop Castle Ruins. This medieval castle has been built in the island of Kuusisto to shelter bishops in the 15th century. Eventually, in 1528 the castle was dismantled. Only the ruins of the castle remained. 

You can visit this place all year round and during summertime there’s a little kiosk available for snacks.

What do you think of these attractions? Comment down below which one was your favorite!

P.S. Feel free to visit all Kaarina’s areas digitally on Know Your Hoods! ;)

- Hilal


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