Posankka Race and other inspiring events of Turku Day - TOP 5

Ninna | 13.9.2019

Turku Day is celebrated on September 15 and the festivities are organized during the whole weekend. Enjoy museums, music, theater, open doors, the Posankka Race and a firework display in Turku. We gathered our own TOP 5 list amongst over 100 individual events.

Posankka statue close to Student Village of Turku. Posankka is half a pig and half a duck.
Posankka, a mixture of pig and duck, is a peculiar statue in Turku. Posankka has now 2000 offspring, which are racing at the River Aura. © CYF

The long version of the TOP 5 list is written only in Finnish. In order to read the whole blog post, please choose Finnish as main language in Know Your Hoods.

Our TOP 5 in short:

1. Posankka Race

2. Firework display

3. Carrot Festival

4. Sailing at the River Aura

5. Turku dialect competition

Have a great Turku Day!

-Ninna & Know Your Hoods -team

P.S. Turku Day can also be spent by getting to know neighborhoods in Turku. Try our search engine for neighborhoods in order to find the most interesting ones to discover

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