Spectacular views in Southwest Finland

Vieraskynä / Visiting author | 21.4.2022

Days are slowly getting longer and warmer, which gives the perfect opportunity to head out and explore. Here are some of the most breathtaking sceneries in Southwest Finland!

Where is your favourite scenery in Southwest Finland? Tell us in the comments!

Lammala nature trail | Kemiönsaari

© Mauri Paloheimo

The Lammala nature trail in Västanfjärd is about 2 km's long and offers a beautiful vista over Kemiönsaari. In addition, Västanfjärd is a peaceful and beautiful area with rich history and interesting places to visit. Find more information on Visit Kimitoön's page.

Wilderness route in Marttila

© Maria Silvanti

Wilderness routes in Marttila offer many hiking paths and places for over night trips. The area is surrounded by deep forests and swamps.

Kuparivuori hill | Naantali

© hoods.fi

Kuparivuori, located right at the center of Naantali, offers some of the best views in Naantali. Thanks to the steep hills the sea views stretch far.

Rakkaudenpolku path ("the path of love") runs through the Kuparivuori hills. The trail and the hill are popular places during summer, but worth a visit during all seasons!

A tip! When you are in Naantali, visit the Särkänsalmi bridge between islands Luonnonmaa and Särkkä. Close to the bridge, there is a place where you can get nice photographs of the archipelago!

Maalu Tower | Sauvo

© Elli Sainio

The Maalu tower in Sauvo is not just beautiful but also historical. It was originally used as an aerial surveillance tower, where women would stand guard during the war. The observation tower was rebuilt later. Nowadays it is a peaceful place to admire the views and the surrounding nature.

An info board nearby tells you more about the history of the tower. There is also a beautiful nature trail close to the tower, which passes by an ancient shingle beach formed during ice age. You can find a table and benches for a snack break by the tower.

Vaarniemi Tower | Kaarina

© Jenna Lindfors

Vaarniemi tower offers spectacular views over Rauvolanlahti bay. The area has many nature tracks for longer and shorter hikes.

Piikkiö Hillforts | Kaarina

© Heli Uusitalo

Piikkiö is a protected natural area with two old hillforts: Huttala Castle hill and Pohtionvuori hill. Both have breathtaking views! The area is also rich in history, with prehistoric burial sites and residential areas.

Old Castle Hillfort | Lieto

© hoods.fi

The hillfort located in Aurajokilaakso is one the most significant hillforts in Finland. Vanhalinna, "Old Castle" has served as an important defensive site since prehistory and was still inhabited in the 14th century. Nowadays it offers beautiful vistas over the surrounding agricultural lands and river valley. The Vanhalinna manor house next to the hill is worth a visit too.

Raisionlahti Birdwatching Tower | Raisio

© Janica Vilen

The bird tower in Raisio offers magnificent views for Raisionlahti bay. The place has become a popular destination for birdwatching, but offers amazing scenery for everyone. The hike to the tower from the parking place is only 300 meters, put you can have a longer hike on the Uikkupolku nature path, which is about 4 kms long.



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