The village of the year 2021 Valpperi - Community spirit and diverse sports activities

Ninna | 6.10.2021

Whether you're looking for a day in the nature with friends or some special family time, the village of Valpperi is worth visiting. Are you dreaming of a sauna experience by a small pond or would you rather try a brand new mountain bike trail or a frisbee golf course? Or are you looking for a new home in a village community where no neighbor is left behind?

Surrounded by the most beautiful Finnish nature, there is a small and communal village of Valpperi. This little village has many surprises awaiting for the ones that take the time for a visit. Valpperi has just undergone a transformation and it was chosen the Village of the Year 2021 - and no wonder, as Valpperi has been developing over the past five years a lot.

Valpperi's new school building lays in the uttermost pease of landscape surrounded by fields and forests. From the school you may climb the long wooden stairs that lead onto a high wooded hill. There is a calm pond on the hill. And by the pond there is a small sauna building and a cozy kota or goathi (a little hut). Here you may enjoy the magnificent views down to the village of Valpperi and the surrounding nature.

Valpperin sauna lammen rannalla.
The Valpperi swimming place invites you to relax either in the sauna or to take a relaxing dip in the water after a sweaty forest run. ©

What would it be like to go mountain biking on a brand new route? Or maybe enjoy the sauna and a swim with a group of friends? Could you imagine living here in a village community in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish nature?

  • Start: Parking lot at Urheilutie 17, Nousiainen
  • Signs: A few road signs for jogging paths, a biking trail, and a frisbee golf course.
  • Along the way: Sports center, sports hall, jogging trail, fitness stairs, mountain bike trail, shed, hut, frisbee golf course, swimming area, and a ski resort in the wintertime.
  • Accessibility: The sports center area is accessible. There is a wide but steep sandy road leading to the sauna and the swimming place right from the parking lot.

Unfortunately the rest of this article is only in Finnish. If you can read our beautiful language or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post.

P.S. You can get familiar with the residential areas of the Turku region in advance with the help of our free search engine!



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