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The eastern villages of Huittinen are lively rural communities located along the landscapes of the Punkalaitumenjoki and Sammunjoki Rivers. A fifteen-minute drive will take you from the villages to the diverse services of Huittinen’s center.

River valley villages close to the town center

There are several villages spread out along the rivers in the eastern area of Huittinen, favored by both permanent and seasonal residents. The most famous eastern villages are Huhtamo, Korkeakoski, Loima, Palojoki, Rekikoski, Sampu, Suontausta, Suttila, and Vakkila. The village of Sampu, located close to the center of Huittinen, Lauttakylä, is stretched along the Sammunjoki River and spreads on both sides of Highway 12. Agriculture is a prominent part of life in the area and the local food is valued here. The business-friendly atmosphere has also spawned a wide range of small businesses in the area.

In the eastern villages, you can enjoy the real peace of the countryside, yet only a short drive of about 5-15 minutes will take you to the services of Huittinen’s center, Lauttakylä. The eastern part of Huittinen is bordered on the south by Loima, on the east by Punkalaidun, and on the north by Sastamala, so as many as three different regions meet here. In addition to rivers, the area is also crossed by Highway 2 which can take you to Helsinki or Pori. If you are going to Turku or Tampere it will take about an hour along Highway 12.

Tourists are bewitched by the magical landscapes of the Taikayöntie

On one of Finland's official landscape routes, Taikayöntie (Magical night´s road), cyclists can enjoy the cultural landscapes of the Punkalaitumenjoki River. On this scenic route, you can admire farms, river valleys, animals, and passing fields. Most of the eastern villages of Huittinen are also located along the river. One of the eastern villages, Loima, is notable for being the birthplace of President Risto Rytti. Loima is also home to Finland's oldest Finnish-language community college, the West Finland College.

In addition to river valleys and rural landscapes, you can find other interesting nature experiences in the vicinity of the eastern villages. For example, hikers enjoy the nature trail in the Vanhankoski grove conservation area on the banks of the Loimijoki River. The Huittinen forest trail allows hikers to wander in nature while staying close to the town center and the Rekikoski Tourist and Leisure Center serves tourists from all over.

Huhtamo - a peaceful countryside that transforms into an international meeting place

Huhtamo is a lively village in the southeast of Huittinen. Here you can find diverse agriculture and businesses amidst the fields and forests. Huhtamo's youngsters do not need to think about moving to a different place as they grow, because school transport works for high school as well as for preschool. Huhtamo offers an opportunity for peaceful country life, but there is also a degree of refined culture in the village, which manifests itself in a wealth of small unexpected events. Sometimes it even escalates to Huhtamo International Film Festival!

Korkeakoski - Loimijoki river rapids just a stone’s throw from the town center

The village of Korkeakoski looks out at the many rapids of the Loimijoki River, only a few kilometers from Lauttakylä. On the outskirts of the village you will also find the unique Vanhankoski grove conservation area and its nature trails. There are also hiking trails in other forests in the area, and in winter skiing trails are made in the fields. The village is actively run by the newly established village association, Korkeakoski Seutu ry, which already has almost one hundred households as members. The active village association is currently building a lean-to and renovating the riverbed to the delight of the residents.

Loima and Jokisivu stretch along the bank of the Loimijoki River

The Loima village settlement runs between Loimijoki and Valtaite 41 and flows into the Jokisivu village, stretching into a long strip. Yet, it is only a few kilometers away from the center of Huittinen. From your window, you can see the change of seasons in the landscapes surrounding beautiful river rapids. Fortunately for families with children, Loima School is located amid a picturesque field and forest landscape and there is a lighted light traffic lane leading right to the school’s porch. Tourists in the area are also drawn to Pahkaparatiisi to see its exhibition of nature’s diversity and anomalies.

Palojoki - a small relaxed village in Huittinen

The village of Palojoki is bordered on the south by the Kourajoki River, which joins the Loimijoki River in the west. In the middle of the village rises the scenic Korkeakallio, which is one of the highest points in Huittinen. Beautiful forests and open fields border the village of Palojoki to the north and east. This village is also a place of an interesting ancient discovery - the moose head of Huittinen! The name of the active village association is Hirvenpään Tienoot ry and it hosts, among other things, the Huittinen Market and the Rompetori - a second-hand car market.

In this agriculture-dominated village, most still cultivate their home fields themselves, even if they work elsewhere, as the connection to their land is strong. The village of Palojoki represents the Finnish rural landscape at its best: the dirt road crunches under the tires and in the summer on the side of the road you can witness the splendor of wildflowers.

Rekikoski - where the villagers and mökki-visitors meet

According to locals, Rekikoski is a village where people are pleasant and nature is always close by. The village hall brings the villagers together and the lively village association offers activities for villagers of all ages. In addition to permanent residents, Rekikoski welcomes a large number of summer cottage visitors. In recent years there has been an influx of young people in Rekikoski, and there are already many small children ready to fill a class.

Suontausta - tight community across wide fields

The village of Suontausta is a spatially large village with a fairly small population in the northern part of Huittinen. However, the activities of the Suontausta Village Association, founded in 2003, are very lively. For example, the association has organized communal work gatherings, volunteer activities, courses and excursions to the neighboring parishes and even abroad! The village is 8 km away from the center, and children can go to school in the neighboring village of Sampu. Suontausta’s Mansikkamäki has an active and busy shooting range, and the two windmills located on Pahkionvuori tell about the vibrancy of the village.

Suttila - a village school and a range of hobbies

An idyllic village school filled with community spirit can be found in Suttila. From the school window you can watch as dairy cows and highland cattle graze in the fields of organic farms. The school has multi-purpose and sand fields for ball games in the yard, and in winter the sand field is turned into an ice rink. In addition, the green grass field of the Youth Society (Nuorisoseura) fills up with football players in the summer. Horseback riding, stage dancing and hunting are other popular hobbies in the village. Those interested can also take part in events organized by the village and work at the VPK or the Youth Club.

Vakkila - peaceful countryside with good connections

Vakkila is a small village community of less than 100 inhabitants tucked under the wing of Suttila along Kangastie. Vakkila’s children go to Suttila village school, and the majority of the area is covered by school transport. The transport links are good and the newly paved road passes through the village. The former village school has been renovated into a village hall, where various events and activities happen. The village has good opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities in peaceful nature.

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
by the riverside
by the fields
next to a forest

Building types
detached houses
wooden houses
holiday homes

Built environment
peaceful countryside
residential area
vacation homes

Neighborhood characteristics
village of the month

Area has
nature conservation area

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Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Below average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 43 % students 6 % retired 34 % under 14 years old 16 % others 9 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 76 % renting 22 % other types of housing 2 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

45,5 years
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