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Lauttakylä, the center of Huittinen, is a beautiful and comfortable area thanks to its green parks and cozy settlements. The town’s diverse services are close at hand, accessible on foot or by bike.

Lively living in Lauttakylä

The Loimijoki and Punkalaitumenjoki Rivers cut through the loosely settled and quiet area. The Sammunjoki River, which flows in the northern part of the area, separates Lauttakylä and the village of Sampu into distinct areas. In Lauttakylä it is convenient to move around on foot or by bike, as the services are located close to each other. Huittinen also offers service transport, so you can conveniently get from place to place using Huitsikka minibusses. Traveling to Pori, Tampere, Turku, and Helsinki is convenient, as the town is located at a crossroads of highways.

The majority of Huittinen’s residents live in Lauttakylä. The area encompasses a wide range of settlements, such as Pappilanniemi, Huhkola, Untonmäki, Nanhia, Kiviranta, Kuninkainen, Löysälä, Hein-Erkkilä and Sahko. There are both atmospheric older residential areas decorated with lush gardens, as well as areas with brand new terraced and detached houses. Apartment housing is most easily found in Huhkola and Sahko, and new low-rise apartment buildings that fit the landscape are being built all around the city center.

Lauttakylä is a dream for someone that values the proximity of services, as most of Huittinen's commercial and municipal services are located in the town center. In addition to primary schools, the center has Lauttakylä High School, where the emphasis is on science, languages, internationality, and entrepreneurship courses. Huittinen Vocational and Entrepreneurial College offers undergraduate degrees in business and information and communication technology, and in Sataedu you can study logistics. If desired, one can proceed further with their education without leaving the area, as one of the campuses of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is located in Lauttakylä.

Lauttakylä is full of inspiring activities for locals and tourists

Tourists will also find Lauttakylä to their liking. In addition to small specialty shops and restaurants, there is a medieval church and a museum. The Huittinen’s Crazy Night (Huittisten Hullu Yö) event, organized twice per year, attracts guests from further afield to get to know local businesses and amenities. The Taideakseli (lit. Art Axis) project has enriched the cultural landscape in many ways, for example with murals. A huge amount of photos and information in Finnish is available on the Ympyrähulluista Hirvenpäähän website.

Lauttakylä has leisure opportunities for everyone; culture, art, sports, study, and more. Those who enjoy outdoor activities especially appreciate the routes and fitness steps in the Kännölä outdoor area, where their heart rate is sure to rise. In addition, the Risto Ryti Hall offers diverse opportunities for organizing refreshing cultural events. Many of the town’s associations also make sure that there are things to do and that the community is thriving.

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
by the riverside
parks nearby
next to a forest
by the fields

Built environment
city center
residential area
apartment buildings
close to the city center
vacation homes

Building types
detached houses
high-rise apartment buildings
wooden houses
terraced houses
low-rise apartment buildings
newly built
holiday homes

Neighborhood characteristics

Area has
nature conservation area

Articles about neighborhoods

Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Below average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 43 % students 6 % retired 35 % under 14 years old 16 % others 9 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 74 % renting 24 % other types of housing 2 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

46 years
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72 km to the Center of Tampere