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Raisio city center is a lively residential area that is compact in size yet diverse in its offering. Vaisaari and Varppeenseutu provide the space for most apartment buildings. Living within, means you have all the services you may need nearly next door. Besides commercial goods, you have well-kept nature trails and a punctual public transport network right down the lane.

Raisio city center is an impeccable hub for excellent services and transport connections. Combining two neighborhoods, Varppeenseutu and Vaisaari, the city center provides urban housing mostly in the form of apartment buildings. While Varppeenseutu is the actual center of Raisio, Vaisaari is a comfortable blend of residential living and educational institutions. The city center is split by Nesteentie, and Vaisaari is kept on its eastern armpit.

Here, the thoughtful assembly of public transportation ensures you that you might not need to own a car for everyday purposes. Thanks to the efficient public transportation, it is easy to get to the neighboring municipalities; for example, Föli's buses take you from Raisiontie stop to Turku Bus Station in less than 20 minutes. For those with an own vehicle, the main roads passing through the city center ensure you fast connections in every direction. Things look even brighter in the near future, as the city center traffic will be directed into a tunnel, which will remarkably lessen the downtown traffic noise.

Most of the city's services are located here, in the city center of Raisio. The excellent education opportunities are centralized in Vaisaari: Raisio high school, Raseko's units offering vocational training, Friisilä primary school, and Raisio's only junior high school, which is also Finland's largest stand-alone upper secondary education institution. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy in your leisure time, and Mylly, the largest shopping center in Southwest Finland, is only a few kilometers away.

There are quite a many restaurants in the center of Raisio. Some of the popular restaurants in the are Pancho Villa, VG Wok, MeiCinTi, Kivelän grilli, Sofram, Pizzeria & kebab Victory, Naantalin Aurinkoinen, Kotipizza and Raision torin torikioski.

The center of Raisio is also suitable for active free time, as the area has wood chip covered jogging tracks, tennis courts and a football field, among other outdoor areas. Also, the nature trail Raision Raitti, which goes around the city center, leads runners and trekkers to witness a distinctively beautiful seascape. For those days when the weather is less friendly, indoor activities are covered in Vaisaari's swimming center Ulpukka, where you can either plunge into the sport and fitness pools or treat yourself in one of the therapy pools.

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
parks nearby

Built environment
city center
apartment buildings
close to the city center
business cluster

Building types
high-rise apartment buildings
detached houses
terraced houses
newly built

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Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Above average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 41 % students 8 % retired 36 % under 14 years old 15 % others 12 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 64 % renting 34 % other types of housing 2 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

46 years
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