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What is Know Your Hoods?

Know Your Hoods is a neighborhood search engine that helps movers find the perfect municipality and neighborhood to settle in. It also helps residents to find information and stories about their own neighborhood. Know Your Hoods is a new and fresh way to highlight the appeal of neighborhoods and municipalities!

Know Your Hoods is a registered trademark.

Our mission

Know Your Hoods is provided by CYF Digital team – Finnish start-up from Turku. Our mission is to help people who are looking for a new place to live to make their dreams come true. In addition, we want to help everyone feel at home and become a part of a local community.

At the same time, we want to take a part in providing new services to the needs of our fellow citizens. We believe that human-centered services, built based on people's own needs, are the future. Especially in the public sector. We want to promote a dialogue between municipalities and citizens and to involve people developing their own neighborhoods. Hence, we encourage people to review their own neighborhoods.


Know Your Hoods initial phase has been developed as part of a Töihin tänne -project organized by Regional Council of Southwest Finland. The English version of the service was co-developed with Talent Turku, coordinated by Turku Science Park Ltd. In addition, University of Turku participated in the development through Open DaaS project.

City of Kaarina and Kaarinan Kehitys Oy (pages in Finnish) joined our effort in early 2020. In November 2020 City of Naantali and City of Raisio became part of Know Your Hoods.

In spring 2021, we published city pages for 7 other cities in Turku Region. In June 2021 Cities of Marttila and Huittinen joined the party. In August Eura was added to the service. In 2022, Sauvo, Nousiainen, Kimitoön, Aura, Masku and Lieto joined the party. Soon we'll continue the expansion!

If you'd like to have the neighborhoods of your city to Know Your Hoods, please contact us by sending email to info(a)hoods.fi.

Our aim is to develop Know Your Hoods further together with both long-term and recent residents. Would your municipality or city like to take part in the development of Know Your Hoods? Contact us by sending us an email to info(a)hoods.fi and we'll talk more.

Learn more about us on our website.