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Know Your Hoods – Privacy Policy

Last updated: 18th October 2022

By using the Know Your Hoods web service, you agree to this privacy policy. This privacy policy can be updated occasionally without prior notice. All changes will take effect immediately. You can find an up-to-date privacy policy statement from this page.

1. Controller of the personal data file

CYF Digital Services Oy
SparkUp, Tykistökatu 4 B
20520 Turku
Business ID 2761064-2

2. Legal basis for processing personal data

The consent of the data subject

3. Purpose of processing personal data

The Know Your Hoods web service collects user information so that we can monitor the use of the service and improve the user flow and user experience. Users cannot be recognised through cookies or other technologies alone.

Contact information is stored when the user takes part in competitions organised in Know Your Hoods pages, when the user sends us feedback, when the user orders the newsletter or when the user participates in research to improve the service. When personal data is collected in aforementioned purposes, the data is only used in connection with each particular purpose. The information will not be passed on to other parties unless specifically mentioned.

When a user registers to Know Your Hoods service we save personal data of the user which makes it possible for the user to log in to the service and leave a review and ratings of the neighborhood they live in. The purpose of the review and ratings is to give additional information to other users about each individual neighborhood from the perspective of the people who actually live in the neighborhood. Thus, we collect personal data so a) users can register and login to Know Your Hoods service and b) we can confirm the neighborhood they live in.

In addition, we can send messages concerning registration, login and/or reviews in order to improve our service. If the reviews are somehow offensive and/or are against law, we will contact the email address given when registering and remove the review if needed.

4. Information content of the register and sources

We will store all or some of the following information when a user registers to Know Your Hoods service or is in contact with us by means mentioned above.

  • first name, last name
  • username
  • email address
  • neighborhood where the user lives in (if available in Hoods)
  • postal code of the area where the user lives in
  • city or municipality where the user lives in
  • country where the user lives in
  • month and year when the user has moved into the neighborhood

The source of registration is always the person her/himself or a person that has been authorized by the original user. For example when a minor is attending a competition her/his guardian/parent can provide the contact details of the minor.

5. Use of cookies

The Know Your Hoods web service uses cookies. The use of cookies is described in more detail in cookie declaration.

6. Storage period of personal data and user data deletion

Data collected by each individual event (e.g. competitions) or action is stored for a maximum of one year after you have provided us your information. Comments to blogs and newsletter subscriptions are stored until requested otherwise by the user.

Data collected when registering into Know Your Hoods service is stored until the user deletes his/her profile from the service. Personal data can be removed by the registered user from the service at any time from the user's Profile page. All information linked to the user, including reviews and ratings, is then removed from the service.

The personal data will remain in backups for one week, after which they will be permanently deleted from the service. The data is backed up so that we can ensure that technical disruptions will cause as few problems as possible to Know Your Hoods users.

7. Regular transfer of personal data to third parties

Personal information will stay within CYF Digital Services and applicable partner organizations and will not be transferred to third parties. Information can be used in analysing and reporting in a form that does not allow individual users to be identified.

8. Information transfer outside EU and EEA

Personal information will not be transferred outside European Union or European Economic Area.

9. Principles of protecting personal data

The data connection is protected with SSL technology. We strive to protect all personal data to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee complete protection. In the event of a data breach the appropriate authorities will be informed and this will be notified to those affected.

10. Service user rights

As a user of the service, you have the right to request rectification, the right to the restriction of processing of your personal data, the right to object to the processing of personal data, the right to transfer data from one system to another, the right to ask deletion of data and the right to appeal to the Data Protection Officer.

User data you added to the system when registering to Know Your Hoods service can be updated or changed after login in your own profile.

If you would like to check, correct or delete any data we have collected about yourself in our registry, please contact us by the email provided above. Please also note that it is our responsibility to verify your identity prior to disclosure of the data.