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What is Know Your Hoods?

About to move or interested in knowing more about your neighborhood? Know Your Hoods is a portal for finding the most fitting neighborhood for you or learning more about the neighborhood you live in. The service is free for the users.

The service is optimized for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you have problems with the browser, please give us feedback.

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The beginning

Know Your Hoods was released in summer 2019 and soon after all neighborhoods of The City of Turku were published in the service. From February 2020 onward The City of Kaarina neighborhoods were added to the service. In November 2020 Cities of Naantali and Raisio joined the service. In summer 2021 Cities of Marttila, Huittinen and Eura joined the party. In 2022, Sauvo, Nousiainen, Kemiönsaari, Aura, Masku and Lieto were added to our service. We'll continue the expansion soon.

What next?

Tell us which municipalities and neighborhoods you think should definitely be added to the service! The easiest way to contact us is through feedback form. Our goal is to develop the service together with the users and municipalities to make the service as interesting and comprehensive as possible for both movers and residents.

We also want to hear about your experiences in the neighborhoods, because statistics and other official information do not tell the whole story. It would be great, if you would register to Know Your Hoods and leave a review of your own neighborhood.

In addition, we love to publish the stories of the neighborhoods and their residents in our blog. If you have an interesting story to tell, contact us at info(a)hoods.fi and let's share your story!

Would you like to join us?

Our aim is to develop Know Your Hoods further together with both long-term and recent residents. Would you like to take part in the development of Know Your Hoods? Contact us through feedback form.