In search of a neighborhood - tips for students in Turku

Susanna | 13.8.2020

During the student weeks, we'll introduce the City of Turku to new students so that starting studies in a completely new city would be less terrifying. Choosing a suitable place to live in the city can be challenging. To make it easier for you to find the most suitable place to live, we asked the students already living in Turku: what should you pay attention to when choosing a neighborhood? Take note of the best tips, use our search engine, and find the neighborhood that best suits your needs!

Where to start?

Student life places certain demands on the future residential area. A student’s everyday life is often quite hectic, which is good to consider when choosing a place to live. Many are primarily looking for affordable housing, but also other things should be weighed before signing a lease.

Near campus

It is important for some students that their campus is nearby. Often students don't have their own car, so it is important to get to the school quickly by foot or by bike, especially in the morning.

"The best part is that I can ride to school by a bike in 5 minutes."- Karlo, a resident of Nummi.

University of Turku
The Campus of University of Turku has a central location in Eastern Center of Turku. © CYF

Public transport

Students without a car also stress the importance of public transport. Check out bus schedules and routes on Föli's website. Note, that you should hail the buses to stop in Finland, otherwise they’ll pass you by!

“For me, the most important thing when choosing a place to live is definitely good public transport links on the way between home and school. (An hour's walk when you can reach the destination by public transport in 20 minutes.)" - Julia, a city center resident – “tois puol jokke”

“To me, it’s important that I live close to the school and city center’s services. Public transport must be close-by if there is a little more travel between places.” - Ella, a resident of the Pohjola neighborhood

Yellow Föli bus in Turku
The Yellow buses of Föli are convenient way to travel. Please note that starting from 12.8.2020 there is a recommendation to use face masks while using public transportation due to COVID-19. © CYF

Grocery Stores

Shopping in small grocery stores quickly becomes expensive and that is why it is smart to favor large grocery stores. Lidl is always an affordable option and from K-Citymarket you can collect Student K-Plussa benefits for free. Turku's three Prismas also enable low-cost food purchases.

“As a student, cheap prices are a must, so I prefer places of residence with larger shops nearby. The wallet also thanks!” - Julia, a resident of city center – “tois puol jokke”

"A small grocery shop nearby, of course, is a plus, because I don't own a car myself." - Ella, a resident of the Pohjola neighborhood

Student restaurants

Student restaurants are often lifesavers for many students. The food is affordable and varied. Some restaurants are also open in the evenings and on weekends. Here you can see the list of Turku student restaurants in more detail. Remember to show your student card!

“I appreciate the student restaurant near home. Yes, I like cooking, but if in a hurry or tired, it’s good to resort to an affordable lunch at a student restaurant. The Assarin Ullakko, which is open in the evenings and on weekends, has become my own favorite!” - Jenna, a city center resident – “täl pual jokke”

Student restaurant Assarin Ullakko in Turku
Assarin Ullakko has a great location along Hämeenkatu and it offers food until evening. © CYF


It is important for some students that the different exercise opportunities are close by. You should find out where your nearest jogging paths and gyms are located.

"Good outdoor and exercise opportunities are important to me. Nummi's jogging paths, sports field and Kuuvuori stairs are a nice change to the gym." - Jenni, a resident of Nummi

View to Kupittaa park in Turku
Kupittaa park offers diverse possibilities for sports and recreation. © CYF

What matters to you the most?

When looking for a suitable neighborhood, consider which things are most important to you and where you can be flexible if necessary. Especially in the fall, there is a lot of competition for studios and one-bedroom apartments. It’s worth looking for a couple of your favorite homes to pursue. When looking for an apartment, initiative is key!

What happens next during the Student Weeks?

We in the Know Your Hoods organize Student Weeks from August 10th to September 6th, 2020. We show Turku from the students' perspective and share our own tips for Turku's student life. If you are just moving to Turku, you will get a comprehensive overview of the different neighborhoods of Turku later when we introduce the places that students prefer. Before that, you can check Turku's neighborhoods on our website, where we have collected descriptions of different areas in Turku. Welcome to Turku!

-Susanna (Know Your Hoods) and Jenna & Jenni (students from the Turku University of Applied Sciences)


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