Get to know the town of Eura - Shoul I move there?

Susanna | 30.8.2021

Eura is a municipality loved by its inhabitants, known for its Viking history and offering great job opportunities in southern Satakunta. Eura joined Know Your Hoods on the 30th of August, 2021, and now the charming neighborhoods of Eura can be discovered on our website! So take a virtual tour to the picturesque Kauttua Ironworks area, the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi and the most atmospheric villages of Eura.

Warm welcome to Eura!

We are happy to announce that Eura and its beautiful villages have joined Know Your Hoods on the 30th August, 2021. With the neighborhoods of Eura our search engine has even more to offer, discovering exciting new neighborhoods and covering a larger area in Satakunta.

Kauttuan Ruukinpuiston keltainen rakennus oviaukosta kuvattuna.
The door to Eura's neighborhoods has been opened on Know Your Hoods! ©

Located by the Lake Pyhäjärvi and its lush nature, Eura offers its residents the romantic atmosphere of the Kauttua Ironworks area, diverse villages and the ease of living in the city center. In the neighborhoods of Eura many fascinating historical discoveries are made from the Viking Age to the prehistoric moments of mankind.

As you go around in Eura, you can expect to discover signs of the past on many hills.

Residents of Eura enjoy the diverse services of the city center. The nearest major cities are also within easy reach. The drive to Pori take less than 40 minutes by car and to Rauma in about half an hour.

Eura's employment prospects attract new migrants and the municipality offers a good selection of jobs. There is also an excellent atmosphere for businesses.

Vaalea puinen rivitalo Hinnerjoella.
Hinnerjoki is a laid back Village in the countryside with a pinch of culture! ©

For those who dream of family life in the countryside, the villages of Eura are particularly attractive, as day care and schools can be found in the centers of the villages. Active village communities guarantee an inspiring environment and accessibility to local services.

The popular Neighborhood Hunt is organized in Eura 24.-26.9.!

Let's go offline and into the real neighborhoods of Eura! Know Your Hoods organizes a popular Neighborhood Hunt -event (Naapurustosuunnistus) in Eura in the end of September, 24th - 26th of September 2021.

“It was so fun! I got to go on a real adventure in my home city! - a participant of the Neighborhood Hunt, Turku 25.7.2020

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Share your experiences of living in Eura

Now more than ever people who are moving to live in smaller towns are interested in the real experiences of the locals. The neighborhoods of Eura and its villages are eagerly waiting for your reviews!

Kauttuan Ruukinpuiston punaisia taloja, puita ja nurmikkoa.
Kauttua Ironworks аrea is the pearl of Eura's neighborhoods with its unique architecture and atmosphere. ©

Your experiences are important for people looking for a place to live and can support the development of your town and region. So, don't hesitate: register in the service and leave a review.

What is the best place for you to live?

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We encourage different municipality residents to tell their stories and experiences. If you live in Eura, Huittinen, Kaarina, Marttila, Naantali, Raisio, or Turku, log in or register in Know Your Hoods, leave the review and follow the happenings in your area on your profile page! You can also check out if the grass is truly greener in the neighboring areas.



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