Eura in your heart

Eura lies in the Southern Satakunta. Boasting lush, green nature and the glittering Lake Pyhäjärvi, Eura offers its residents diverse villages, a historical atmosphere of the Kauttua Ironworks Village, and the ease of living in the compact center. Conveniently located, the municipality provides a wide range of services and jobs and a well-functioning road network that takes you to Pori or Rauma in just over half an hour. It is easy to combine work, free time and hobbies in Eura.

In Eura, you can live in one of the many charming surroundings

Eura’s many traditional villages are home to almost 12 000 residents. Located in Satakunta, Eura combines several former municipalities and thus offers charismatic housing for many different life stages. To the delight and convenience of its residents, services can be found in most village centers.

Another advantage of its central location in Satakunta is that Eura is very well connected to all major cities in the region. The regional center Pori, as well as the second-largest city in the region, Rauma, can be both reached in less than 40 minutes by car. Those living close to the center are well off by moving around by bike or foot, but outside the center of Eura, a car comes in handy.

Among the most important features of Eura’s identity are the glittering waters and the deep, green nature. Eura's Lake Pyhäjärvi is one of the largest lakes in southwestern Finland. Also, the Eurajoki River, which originates from Pyhäjärvi, flows through the municipality. A well-kept and prosperous rural landscape characterizes Eura, being the scenery most people associate with the region.

The last period of the Stone Age gets its name from the discoveries made in Eura

In terms of its prehistory, Eura is considered one of the most significant municipalities in Finland. Many discoveries from the Iron Age are even recognized internationally and Eura is known for its history of the Viking times. The discoveries made in the Kiukainen area, dating all the way back to thousands of years, are so significant that they have given a name to the last period of the Stone Age. The name of the period is the culture of Kiukainen.

Moving closer to modern history, Eura has had industrial activity since the end of the 17th century. The industrial history is omnipresent in the idyllic Kauttua Ironworks Village, one of Finland’s most valuable old ironworks environments. The handprint of Alvar Aalto can also be seen in the location.

Along with the industrial activity comes jobs, education and schooling

Industrial manufacturing and processing have been important in Eura for centuries. As Eura is one of the most industrialized municipalities in Finland, the economic structure differs from the national average. Processing industries account about half of the jobs in Eura. Primary production is also slightly higher than the average in Finland. Vegetable cultivation is widespread in the area. The municipality’s employment is among the best in the province of Satakunta.

Besides the industrial activity, Eura boasts a large number of schools. The municipality provides several primary schools and a comprehensive school. Also, there is a high school for older students. For skills development, Citizens’ College Sataopisto offers a wide array of courses from language to art and music to exercise. Sataopisto is well-renowned for its art subjects as it provides teaching following the general curriculum of basic art education.

Plenty of opportunities for active free time in Eura

Eura provides a wide range of options for hobbies of all kinds! The municipality’s sports hall offers a noticeable selection of different sports. At the sports hall, one can do bowling, ball games, martial arts, and dancing. At the sports hall, one can also test the waters in several indoor pools and have fun in the water slide. There is also a ice rink with artificial ice and there is a new multipurpose hall in construction. Also a movie theater provides the possibility to enjoy latest films on the big screen.

The nature in Eura also deserves its own chapter. Those who appreciate their own peace and time find many great options in Eura. For example, one can enjoy the gentle breeze and serenity at the shores of Lake Koskeljärvi, as there are no cottages or residential houses on the natural shores. In Lake Pyhäjärvi, one can enjoy various water sports, from boating to paddling, without forgetting the joys of swimming in natural waters. In winter, numerous wooded jogging trails transform themselves into excellent cross-country skiing tracks. Eura also accommodates many active associations, which offer different opportunities for leisure and build a sense of belonging among the community and its members.

Find out more about Eura on the municipality’s own website.

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