Kauttua village in Eura – The magic of the old Ironworks area lures travelers and newcomers

Ninna | 18.4.2022

Kauttua has made its way to the heart of many travelers - but what is it that makes Kauttua so attractive? It's time to take a journey to the atmospheric ironworks village and the shores of the largest lake in Southwest Finland. The residents of Kauttua enjoy this inspiring atmosphere every day of the year. Would your new home or a rental summer cottage be located in Kauttua?

Punainen puurakennus, Eurajoen koski ja vehreää kasvillisuutta.
Kauttua has formed around the atmospheric Ironworks area that fascinates tourists. Surprisingly, this popular travel destination has a lot of housing options with relatively cheap prices. © hoods.fi

Unfortunately the rest of this article is only in Finnish. If you can read our beautiful language or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post.

Get to know Kauttua (in English)!

P.S. You can get familiar with the residential areas of Southwest Finland in advance with the help of our free search engine!


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