Know Your Hoods has arrived to Huittinen – the first city from Satakunta to join in!

Susanna | 12.6.2021

The open-minded and brave city of Huittinen decided to be the first city in Satakunta to have its neighborhoods on Know Your Hoods! Huittinen is a relaxed city, where people can enjoy the city life and countryside simultaneously. Do you already know what makes people go crazy about Huittinen?

Warm welcome to Huittinen and Satakunta!

We are happy to announce that Huittinen and its beautiful villages have joined Know Your Hoods starting 12.6.2021. With the neighborhoods of Huittinen our search engine has even more to offer, covering the larger area and taking its first steps towards Satakunta.

Drone picture of the Huittinen church and sunset
© Janni Heikkilä

Huittinen is an active and laid-back town in Satakunta, housing over 10 000 residents. The city is located at a traffic junction and has good connections to the rest of Finland. For example, a trip to Tampere, Turku, or Pori can take less than an hour!

“Huittinen is a great place to live and research shows that eight out of ten would still choose Huittinen as their home”. - Riikka Peippo, Vitality Director at City of Huittinen

Residents of Huittinen enjoy the peaceful town life close to diverse services and educational opportunities. Nature enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the Puurijärvi-Isosuo National Park is also very close to Huittinen.

A red wooden building of a volunteer fire department, pier, and river.
The river bank of the old volunteer fire department is renovated to become an inviting public area! ©

Share your experiences of living in Huittinen

Now more than ever people who are moving to live in smaller towns are interested in the real experiences of the locals. The neighborhoods of Huittinen and its villages are eagerly waiting for your reviews! Do you live in the romantic countryside of Vampula, in the lively center of Lauttakylä, or in one of the many beautiful eastern or western villages? Your experiences are important for people looking for a place to live and can support the development of your town and region. So, don't hesitate: register in the service and leave a review.

“In addition to a versatile digital platform, Know You Hoods offers residents an easy opportunity to share their own experiences and information that is not necessarily available on the city's website and brochures”- Riikka Peippo, Vitality Director at City of Huittinen

Yellow house behind green grass
The picture shows the lovely Untonmäki neighborhood in the center of Huittinen. ©

To make it even more interesting, we are shuffling great prizes among Huittinen residents that leave a review before the end of June. One of the prizes is two tickets to Huhtamo International Film Festival happening on 14.7.2021.

Nice things in the Hoods!

Let's go offline and into the real neighborhoods of Huittinen! Know Your Hoods organizes a popular Neighborhood Hunt -event (Naapurustosuunnis) in Huittinen in the end of August. And during the whole summer we are posting different ideas about thing to do in Southwest Finland.

“It was so fun! I got to go on a real adventure in my home city! - a participant of the Neighborhood Hunt, Turku 25.7.2020

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What is the best place for you to live?

You can get to know the municipalities and residential areas of Southwest Finland with the help of our free search engine! You can search for your dream neighborhood near the river, by the field, or in a city or town center - depending on what suits your lifestyle best. You can also look at the neighborhoods represented in numbers or read real stories about them in the blog.

A tractor in the middle of the field.
Would you prefer to live in the countryside or in the city center? ©

We encourage different municipality residents to tell their stories and experiences. If you live in Huittinen, Kaarina, Marttila, Naantali, Raisio, or Turku, log in or register in Know Your Hoods, leave the review and follow the happenings in your area on your profile page! You can also check out if the grass is truly greener in the neighboring areas.



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