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Anna | 25.5.2022

From May 25th, 2022 onwards, Kemiönsaari will be the 10th municipality to join the Know Your Hoods neighborhood service, welcome! Enclosed by the archipelagic sea, Kemiönsaari is an inspiring and enchanting meeting point thanks to its year-round events and beautiful archipelago nature. Have a taste of paradise and explore Kemiönsaari where the sea is always present.

Rannikkoasutusta Rosala Hitiksessä | Kustbebyggelse i Rosala Hitis
Fairytale-like coastal living in Rosala-Hitis © Kemiönsaari's municipality

Your summer adventure in the archipelago awaits!

To celebrate Kemiönsaari as the latest newcomer to Know Your Hoods, together with the municipality we are organizing a Neighborhood Orienteering in Kemiönsaari.

The orienteering starts on Monday 6.6.2022 and ends on Thursday 30.6.2022. You can participate at any time during this term. A special program will be available on the weekend of June 10th, 2022!

Archipelago sailing, a canoe trip and a day at Söderlångvik Manor will be drawn among the participants. See the instructions to embark on the journey.

Welcome to the adventure!

Puutalo Taalintehtaassa | Ett trähus i Dalsbruk
Kemiönsaari delights its visitors thanks to its bucolic wooden houses ©

Unfortunately, the full blog post is currently available only in Finnish and Swedish. If you can read our beautiful languages or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post here.

P.S. You can get familiar with the residential areas of the Southwest Finland in with the help of our free neighborhood search engine!



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kyllä on nätin näköistä!

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No niinpä! 🙂


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