Hoods.fi has arrived to Kouvola – The first city from Kymenlaakso to join in!

Elisa | 4.10.2023

Known as a city of nature, culture and sports, the first villages from Kouvola have now joined Know Your Hoods! Join the journey as we get to know these three charming villages and what Kouvola has to offer!

Warm welcome to Kouvola and Kymenlaakso!

We are happy to announce that Kouvola and its beautiful villages have joined Know Your Hoods this summer. With the neighborhoods of Kouvola our search engine has even more to offer and is taking its first steps towards Kymenlaakso.

People near river or lake.
Kouvola's lakes and Kymijoki River offer perfect spots for fishing and engaging in various water activities. © Laura Lehtinen

Home to approximately 80,000 inhabitants, Kouvola proudly holds the position as the 11th largest city in Finland by population and the largest in Southern Finland by land area. Also, did you know that Kouvola boasts the highest number of farms in the country, holds the title of Finland's largest garrison town and stands as one of Finland's most sought-after summer cottage communities? Well, now you do!

“Welcome to Kouvola, the city of active individuals! Experience the life you've always wanted. Kouvola offers a seamless blend of everyday functionality, affordable housing options, and quality leisure time. Kouvola, the heart of Southeast Finland, is a city of nature and sports. We have good connections – to people, nature, the world, and opportunities."

In Kouvola, everything is within reach, just fifteen minutes away. Access a wide array of services, engage in your favorite hobbies, find work, or pursue your studies, all with ease. Kouvola is also characterised by beautiful nature and a lively cultural life. From more niche motorsport events to crowd-pullers like rock concerts, sports games, and horse racing, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Kouvola's commitment to a smooth daily routine extends to children and young people. For example Kouvola's early childhood education has earned multiple awards. 

People standing and listening to something in summer.
For example, Kouvola ranks among the top Finnish municipalities in terms of the number of concerts held throughout the year. © Laura Lehtinen

First 3 villages to join in

Kouvola's journey in Know Your Hoods begins with three inspiring villages—Anjala, Inkeroinen and Sippola.

Anjala is a charming village of about 2,000 residents in southern Kouvola, where the locals enjoy variety of sports clubs, local nature and strong cultural heritage just a 20-minute drive from the city centre. The village is home to part of the Ankkapurha cultural park, where you can hear interesting stories about the Wrede family, Gustav III’s Russo-Swedish War of 1788-1790, and even the mythical manor's ghost. During the summer months, Anjala estate hosts art exhibitions and there is a high-quality frisbee golf course in the nearby park.

People in Ankkapurha culture park.
Anjala's historical environment is nationally recognized as a significant cultural site, as defined by the Finnish Museum Agency.  © Anu Vainio

Inkeroinen, a developing urban village of around 4 000 inhabitants, is located right on the banks of the Kymijoki River. The village is about a 20-minute drive from the centre of Kouvola, but why go there at all: Inkeroinen has excellent basic services, including its own swimming pool and ice rink! Inkeroinen's Tehtaanmäki is part of the Ankkapurha cultural park, where the ironworks-like area represents a living industrial tradition, showcasing a blend of late 19th-century wooden houses, villas, and modern architecture. Tehtaanmäki is also home to several buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, such as the Rantalinja's master houses, the Mäntyrinne's engineers' houses, the Tervalinja's townhouses and three apartment buildings.

Tehtaanmäki school.
Tehtaanmäki's school is the only school building designed by Aalto that remains in original use. © Laura Lehtinen

Sippola is described as an active and family-friendly rural village, where residents enjoy both comprehensive basic services and active associations. Sippola is also a cultural destination: for example, Anters Art Centre's nearby forest is full of delightful environmental art, and the village is also a home to Finland's largest wooden mansion called Sippola manor. Sippola truly stands out with its vibrant community spirit, artistic activities, rich history, and valued architecture!

A sign to Art Center and people walking.
Antares Art Center is housed in the 1950s Dairy. © Laura Lehtinen

Did you know: Sippola was named the Kymenlaakso Village of the Year in 2022 and received an honorable mention in the 2023 Finnish Village of the Year competition.

Share your experiences of living in Kouvola

Do you yourself live in one of the three beautiful villages we introduced earlier?Great! People who are planning to move to Kouvola are interested in hearing the locals' real experiences of what life is like here. You can help them by registering to Know Your Hoods and leaving a review of your neighborhood. It might help someone make a big decision in their life!

“In addition to a versatile digital platform, Know You Hoods offers residents an easy opportunity to share their own experiences and information that is not necessarily available on the city's website and brochures”- Riikka Peippo, Vitality Director at City of Huittinen

A pier and lake or river.
What do you think of the leisure facilities in your area? © Anu Vainio

What is the best place for you to live?

You can get to know the municipalities and residential areas with the help of our free search engine! You can search for your dream neighborhood near the river, by the field, or in a city or town center—depending on what suits your lifestyle best. You can also look at the neighborhoods represented in numbers or read real stories about them in the blog.

Pro tip: Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep updated!

White house.
Do you for example prefer to live near excellent telecommuting opportunities? © Laura Lehtinen

We encourage residents to tell their stories and experiences of different residental areas. If you live in one of the cities/municipalities found on our website, log in or register in Know Your Hoods and leave a review! Or check if the grass is greener in the neighboring areas. ;)

Again: welcome to Know Your Hoods, Kouvola!

-Elisa and Know Your Hoods Team


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