Best sledding hills near Turku - 7 locations you should visit

Vieraskynä / Visiting author | 3.3.2022

Where are the best sledding hills in the Turku region? Sledding is for sure one of the most fun things you can do in the wintertime. However, it is pretty hard to find good sledding hills. That is why we gathered these 7 amazing sledding hills in Southwest Finland!

1. Sledding hill of Impivaara | Turku

Lapsi laskee pyöreällä liukurilla.
© Bruno / Pixabay

The skiing and sledding spot located in Impivaara is the perfect spot to enjoy the winter day with friends. The hill is in a big empty area and every year people come from all over Turku to experience this beautiful place. 

Sometimes people host their own sledding events and sometimes even serve some coffee. This is a good place to bring the kids to since it’s extremely safe and the kids aren’t endangered to any cars. Impivaara is also one of Turku's to cross country skiing destinations and Finland's biggest swimming hall is located in this sports paradise!

2. Sledding hill in Kuloinen Raisio

A really steep sledding hill surrounded by forest trees
Really steep sledding hill in Raisio. ©

You can find the sledding hill near the sports hill. There are forests around and there’s lighting available. The hill is pretty abrupt, so if you’re looking for great speed the hill in Raisio is perfect for you! There are plenty parking places if you’re planning on arriving by car.

There’s a big court yard and apartment buildings around the area. You’ll recognize the place easily when you arrive.

If you’re going there with little kids and they’re scared of fierce hills, I suggest you take them to a sledding hill in Peltomiehenpuisto for that is a lot safer to slide down. Every sledding hill in Raisio can be found on the city's website!

3. Sledding hill of Nunnalahti | Naantali

An organised sledding hill located in Naantali
Sledding hill in Nunnalahti is located by the Nunnalahti beach ©

There’s a beautifully made sledding hill in Naantali. The hill is low and it gives you a smooth ride down the slope. On the other side of the fence you can find a beautiful beach, where the city of Naantali prepares an ice skating rink and cross country skiing track when the ice is thick enough. You can also find multiple atmospheric restaurants just around the corner. 

This is the perfect place to bring your kids to as there’s food and bathrooms available.

4. Sledding hill of Kaarina's swimming hall

Pulkkailijoita Kaarinan uimahallin pulkkamäessä.
© Kaarinan liikuntapalvelut

Beside the swimming hall of Kaarina, there lies a long steep hill which is one of Kaarina's most popular sledding hills. You can see a fence on the side of the hill protecting sledders from hitting any bigger rocks around. In front of the hill there’s a kids playground and you can see a lot of trees around the hill.

You can find parking spaces in front of the swimming hall. And of course go for a swim - if you fancy!

5. Sledding hill of Pikku-Lahto | Aura

Ilmakuva pulkkamäestä, pulkkailijoista ja hiihtoladusta Auran Pikku-Lahdossa.
A new sports center in Aura offers amazing speed for a sledding day! ©

Do you want some speed and jumps for your sledding experience? Not many know about the sledge hill at the Pikku-Lahto winter sports center, but it has already become a popular destination for Aura residents. Here you can enjoy the descent for longer and the pace doesn't stop thanks to the steep hill. There are many different options to start the slide, in case you do not dare to climb all the way up!

Sports center in Pikku-Lahto is a winter sports destination loved by many Aura residents, where in addition to sledding, you can also go ice skating and cross country skiing. Auran Kuntoilijat association is currently renovating the sports center into an increasingly diverse place to enjoy the joys of winter. Pikku-Lahto also has a lovely nature path and a lean-to where you can rest!

Up-to-date information on the condition of the trails and the new services of the fitness center is provided by the Auran Kuntoilijat ry.

6. Sledding hill of Kirkonpiiri School | Nousiainen

Nousiaisten Kirkonpiirin koulun pulkkamäki.

In Nousiainen, near the church area of Kirkonpiiri there is an atmospheric and steep sledding hill where only the bravest may slide down. This hill is extremely steep and guaranteed you will slide with incredible speed! You can also find a beautiful ice skating rink by the sledding hill. Also, the church in that area is incredible and there you’ll witness a beautiful cultural scenery.

7. Sledding hill of Sauvo

Sauvon keskusta lumen peitossa ilmakuvassa.
© Ats Kjell

Would you like to explore the sympathetic Sauvo and its winter time fun? In the center of Sauvo you will find a picturesque sledding hill by the playground, right next to the school of Sauvo and sports park. It is easy for those who drive to park in the school yard, as long as the schoolchildren have already finished their day. There is also a possibility to go ice skating in the sports park and discover the cross country skiing tracks of Suojala not far from the center.

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