Amazing winners of the Beloved Turku photo competition, part 2

Susanna | 1.2.2020

Rakas Turku (Beloved Turku) competition was a great success! During autumn 2019 we received amazing pictures around Turku region. People photographed historical sites, life in the hoods as well as moments in the nature. This blog post presents the second set of weekly winners.

Our photo competition was organized in Instagram and in Facebook by Know Your Hoods and a local newspaper Turkulainen. In addition, many local firms donated lovely prizes for the weekly winners. Early January 2020 everyone had a chance to vote for their favorites and the final winner was chosen from the three category winners. Thank you for all the partners and participants of the competition.

The competition was held weekly, every week with a new theme from August 21st until the end of the year 2019. Last week we presented the first 9 winners and now it’s time for the next 8.

The original post with comments about the winning photos is published only in Finnish. Change the language settings of Know Your Hoods into Finnish in order to read the whole article (or you can also try Google Translate).

8 magnificent photos

Week 10. Suburban life: Sunset in Runosmäki

An apartment block and a few trees in the pink sunset in the neighbourhood of Runosmäki in Turku.
© Noora Tamminen

Week 11. Vote for Your Favorite: Autumn in Hirvensalo

An aerial photo of a forest with colourful trees and a path in Hirvensalo in Turku in the autumn.
© @manuelseinphotography

Week 12. Culture and History: The Market Square in Transition

A gray picture about the construction works of the market place of Turku and half of the hotel Börssi teared down.
© @urbanculturepictures

Week 13. City Lights: Missing the Bus

Turku city center in the evening and a bus on the run in the front of the picture taken with slow shutter speed.
© Juan Nieto

Week 14. The End of November: Fog

Duckboards in the swamp of Pomponrahka in Northern Turku.
© Jyri Aerikkala

Week 15. Preparing for Christmas: Snowy Scenary in Ilpoinen

Forest close to the neighbourhood of Ilpoinen in the wintertime.
© Anne Cederlöf

Week 16. Festive Season: Turku Cathedral

The Turku Cathedral and a decorated Christmas tree in front of it in the night time.
© Sonja Laiho

Week 17. Vote for Your Favorite: Winter Wonderland

A sunny winter day view of grasslands covered in snow and pasture field fences in the neighbourhood of Kurala in Turku.
© Anna Honkonen

Which picture is The One?

Which one of these photos made you smile, happy or astonished? Leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post.

- Susanna

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