Winners of the Beloved Turku photo competition TOP 3

Susanna | 15.1.2020

Beloved Turku Photo competition was held in the fall of 2019, with over 400 photos taken. We warmly thank all the photographers! In the competition’s final you voted for your favorites in three different categories: (1) the natural environment, (2) the built environment, and (3) life in the neighborhoods. Now is the time to announce the winners!

Our photo competition has been organized by Know Your Hoods and a local newspaper Turkulainen. The competition has run weekly during the autumn 2019. A jury of organizers selected six photos for each category and the readers were able to vote for their favorite inthe finals.

Almost 300 votes were cast in the race and to our delight each picture found its own supporters. The voting was open from January 1st-12th 2020 on our blog. We also accepted votes that came in the email if stated clearly what was the category of the voted image in question. We accepted these votes due to the fact that some of the votes did not go through the comment box on the blog.

And now, drumroll, please!

The winner of the overall competition - Majestic St. Michael’s Church

The winner of the overall competition is Manuel Sein (Instagram account @manuelseinphotography), who received the most votes in the "Built Environment" category. His stunning photo captures the majestic St. Michael's Church and the surrounding Port Arthur (Portsa) neighborhood. From this aerial view we can look anew at the well-known church and its surroundings. The beautiful sunset creates its own outstanding atmosphere. The winner is rewarded with a 200 € gift card to Naantali Spa. Congratulations!

Majestic St. Michael's Church and the surrounding Portsa neighborhood in Turku.
© Manuel Sein (Instagram account @manuelseinphotography)

Joined 2nd place - Waves at Kuuvannokka

The winner of the “Natural Environment” category that shares the second place in the overall competition was captured by Jyri Aerikkala (Instagram account @aerijyr) with his fabulously beautiful picture of the seaside in Ruissalo, Turku. It is obvious that the photographer is technically skilled: the colors and textures are wonderful and the ambience of the picture soothes the viewer's mind. The prize for the shared second place is two movie tickets. Congratulations!

Waves are hitting the rocks at Kuuvannokka in the island of Ruissalo, Turku. Beautiful sunset at the background.
© Jyri Aerikkala (Instagram account @aerijyr)

Joint 2nd place - The historical Kurala village

Photographer @katrikku87 (Instagram account) won the “Life in the Hoods” category with their atmospheric photo taken in the Kurala Village. Encounters between people are key to the well-being of residents, and the picture captures the moment when several generations spend time together. The choice to use black and white was successful for the topic and the mood of the scene. @katrikku87 will be also rewarded with two movie tickets. Congratulations!

A woman is listening a guide in front of a historical wooden house and a child is playing in the ground in the traditional Kurala village in Turku.
© katrikku87 (Instagram account)

What's next?

Know Your Hoods is soon expanding to the City of Kaarina. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages and be the first to know about our new neighborhood competition. Check out also our search engine for neighborhoods.

Thank you for participating the Beloved Turku competition!

-Susanna and Know Your Hoods team


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