Skanssi-Uittamo offers diverse neighborhoods for every taste

Susanna | 22.6.2020

Do you enjoy the summer heat or would like to cool down a bit? Skanssi-Uittamo in Turku offers diverse possibilities to cool down. Get to know the region and its neighborhoods during the Turku Neighborhood Weeks campaign in summer 2020. We'll introduce unique neighborhoods located in the City of Turku for your inspiration.

The City of Turku is divided into 9 wards. In May 2020, people had a chance to vote for their favorite. Skanssi-Uittamo achieved 2nd place with 15 % of the votes. The City Center won the voting with 24 % of the votes and Hirvensalo became the third with 14 % of the votes.

Aeriel view of the
Majakkaranta by the sea belongs to the Skanssi-Uittamo area. © CYF

We collected people's thoughts about Skanssi-Uittamo and made a video about them. Unfortunately, the subtitles are only in Finnish, but we'll hope you enjoy the scenery. :)

This blog post is currently only in Finnish. If you can read our beautiful language or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post here.

-Susanna & Know Your Hoods team


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