Föli, Föri, Funikulaari - Getting Around in Turku

Susanna | 19.8.2020

Getting to campus can be confusing during your first days of school. A new town and unknown streets can make your head spin. Don’t worry, after reading this blog you will know all the ways you can arrive on campus on time.

How to move around in Turku?

If you have your own car, leave it in the parking lot! It can be challenging to find free parking near your campus. So favor public transport. Below we have listed the best options alongside walking, or owning a bike or a car.

Föli buses

Two yellow public transport buses in a row at the bus stop in the center of Turku.
Yellow Föli buses bright up the streets of Turku. © Jenni Polttila

Bright yellow buses color the streets of Turku. Public transport in the Turku region, better known as Föli is an easy way to travel between Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Lieto, Naantali and Rusko. Buses run frequently and routes are comprehensive. There are several types of tickets and bus cards. Choose the most suitable ticket type for you according to where you are traveling and how often you get on the bus.

Tip: Download Föli mobile application from the app store. With this application you can buy a one-time ticket conveniently, without having to deal with cash.


Citybikes are a great way to include some exercise in your day when moving from one place to another. Citybikes are an easy and quick option! You can grab and return a bike in any city bike station.

Red-Yellow citybikes at the city bike station in Turku.
There are plenty of city bike stations around the city. © Jenni Polttila/CYF

In order to use the bikes, first you need to download the Donkey Republic app and register. Then you can find a bike and unlock it with the help of the app. You can use the bike for 1 hour at a time. If you use the bike for more than that, an additional fee will be charged from your payment card. If you use the bikes frequently you can get a 30-day subscription with only 6 € a month. Or if you use them only every now and then you can purchase the single ride with 2 €.

Föri and Funicular

Funicular, inclined elevator and Föri, the City Ferry are convenient means of transport, especially for those who live in Kakola. Travelling with the funicular or Föri is free of charge.

The Aura River divides Turku into two sides: “on this side of the river” and “on the other side of the river”. Föri carries people across the river free of charge between Tervahovinkatu (on this side of the river) and Wechterinkuja (on the other side of the river). Crossing the river on Föri takes approximately two minutes.

Blue-orange city ferry Föri crossing Aurajoki in Turku.
Föri brings a fun alternative to more traditional means of transport. © Jenni Polttila

The Funicular offers unimpeded access to Kakolanmäki where there is no other public transport. The shops in the area are not located on a hill. That’s why Funincular is a life saver with heavy groceries. Funicular is worth a try even if you don’t live on the hill. The funicular runs between Linnankatu and Graniittilinnankatu at Linnankatu 55b.

The lower starting point of the Funincular in Kakola, Turku.
The Funicular, which opened in early summer 2019, transports people to Kakolanmäki. © Jenni Polttila/CYF

Electric scooters

When walking in the center of Turku, you will notice many electric scooters of different colors all around the streets and corners. Companies like Tier and Voi offer electric scooters for people to use. You can distinguish the scooters for one another by color. Using electric scooters happens through a mobile application. Scooter is a very easy way to travel to places even in a hurry. Just be careful when riding them and mindful of other people on the streets!

Three electric scooters side by side along the Aurajoki in Turku.
Have you already tried an electric scooter? © Jenni Polttila/CYF

In addition to the means of transport listed above, your own bicycle has also proven to be handy. For example, Ekotori can have some great bike options! However, we recommend investing in a good bike lock, just to be safe. Thanks to the size of Turku, you can also go by foot from one place to another quite quickly. How are you going to arrive on campus on the first day of school?

Later on Student weeks

We in the Know Your Hoods organize Student Weeks from August 10th to September 6th, 2020. We show Turku from the students' perspective and share our own tips for Turku's student life. Previously, we introduced students' favorite Turku neighborhoods. Later we get to know different neighborhoods through the eyes of exchange students. Welcome back!

- Jenna and Jenni (TUAS students) & Susanna (Know Your Hoods)

P.S. Know Your Hoods is a search engine for neighborhoods. Try our search engine and find the most suitable place to live! We'll share tips about Turku Region in our Facebook and Instagram pages, welcome to follow us :)


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