Students' favorites – TOP 5+1 Neighborhoods in Turku

Susanna | 14.8.2020

During the student weeks, we will introduce Turku to the new students, so that starting studies in a completely new city wouldn’t be as terrifying. Now we’ll tell you about 5+1 neighborhoods that are a good fit for students. Read our tips and find out more!

Just minutes away from the city center

Student life is concentrated near the Turku city center, which is conveniently also the location of many campuses. We listed our five favourite places near the campus areas plus one interesting option a little bit further away, hence the TOP 5+1 in the title. We can warmly recommend the following neighborhoods to the students looking for nice neighborhoods for their stay!

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Itäinen keskusta

Itäinen keskusta is a great option for any student, because most unis are located here. The majority of students prefer the city center and its surrounding areas as a place to live, so that the trip to the campus is not too long. In this case, the city center services and student events are also close by.

In the middle is the Itäinen Pitkäkatu in the eastern center of Turku, with colorful buildings and parked cars on both sides.
Itäinen Pitkäkatu with its colorful buildings is well suited as a student's home. © Jenni Polttila/CYF

The Eastern Center offers living options from wooden houses and former 1940s barracks to new apartment buildings. Especially along Hämeenkatu and Itäinen Pitkäkatu, there are plenty of residential buildings favored by students. The services of Hämeenkatu and the city center, the student restaurants located in the area and the excellent public transport connections to the rest of Turku and the surrounding areas make the Eastern Center an effortless living area.


Located on the eastern side of the city center, Kupittaa offers peaceful apartment building areas close to the city center. There are both newer and older buildings in the area.

The rapidly developing district is especially a good choice for a sport lover, as the Kupittaa Sports Park in Kupittaa offers diverse sports opportunities. In addition, the 24-hour Citymarket in Kupittaa makes everyday life easier, as you can go grocery shopping regardless of the time of the day.

Light apartment buildings on the left of the Lemminkäisenkatu and office buildings in the background in Kupittaa, Turku.
Next to the campus of Turku University of Applied Sciences, there is a new magnificent apartment building that is popular with students. © Jenni Polttila/CYF


Martti is an area with wooden houses and apartment buildings on the southern bank of the Aura River. Martti charms with its coziness and community spirit.

The Kupittaa Sprts Park, outdoor pool of Samppalinna as well as other activities are close by. There are also many cozy restaurants in the area, such as the Pippurimylly Restaurant and the Vinho wine bar.

Road in Turku Martti, which along is cars in the park. On the other side of the road is a yellow apartment house.
Cozy Martti is especially cozy on a sunny day. © Jenni Polttila/CYF


Nummi mainly consists of wooden houses, but there are also apartment buildings in the direction of Ylioppilaskylä (Student Village), some of which are still under construction. Nummi even has a countryside atmosphere in some places, even though it is only a few kilometers from the center of Turku.

Detached houses in Nummi, Turku.
Idyllic wooden houses in Nummi. © CYF

Tip: The Kuuvuori stairs in Nummi are great for stair training.

The courtyard of the new apartment buildings and children’s playground in Nummi, Turku.
New modern apartment buildings have just been built in Nummi. © Jenni Polttila/CYF


Itäharju locates right by campus areas. Services and public transport are near and works well.

Itäharju has mostly wooden houses with their own gardens. Could living in commune be an option for you?

Colorful detached houses in Itäharju, Turku.
Itäharju is a peaceful place to live in. © CYF

Itäharju has comprehensive services and public transport networks. The jogging trails of Pääskyvuori are also nearby.


One option is to move to Kaarina, which is a small city right next to Turku, with cheaper prices. It's simple to take a bus or ride a bike to Turku city centre from Piispanristi, for example. Piispanristi is 6 km away from Turku universities and is a great option for students! Kaarina has especially wonderful outdoor terrains, where time just flies by.

Kaarinan Piispanristin kerrostaloja iltaauringossa.
Piispanristi in Kaarina is an affordable and good place for students. © CYF

Which of the neighborhoods do you like the most? If you aren’t sure, get to know the residential areas of Turku in more detail with the help of our search engine for neighborhoods!

Tell me more about Student Weeks!

We in the Know Your Hoods organize Student Weeks from August 10th to September 6th, 2020. We show Turku from the students' perspective, and share our own tips for Turku's student life. Earlier, we presented the TOP 5 destinations of the Turku Student Village Foundation. Soon you will get to know Turku's public transportation options, some of which are quite unique. See you!

-Jenna & Jenni (Tuas students) & Susanna (Know Your Hoods)


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