Turun Kisa-Veikot organizes capoeira and other fun activities in Kärsämäki

Vieraskynä / Visiting author | 22.2.2020

Turun Kisa-Veikot has been operating in Kärsämäki at the Rientola Sports House (Rientolan Urheilutalo) since 1930. Basing their operations on the needs of their club members, Kisa-Veikot offers diverse sporting and cultural activities that are intended to provide everyone with a sense of accomplishment. Alongside parents and other stakeholders, Kisa-Veikot works with young people to help them develop into responsible and respectful citizens. So what do we actually offer?

In Turun Kisa-Veikot you can practice football, capoeira, futsal, elephant-ball, hockey, badminton, yoga and general exercise. There is also an active theater group in Rientola, so if you are interested in performing on stage or seeing other people perform, you should take a look at what’s on offer. There are a variety of activities for children, veterans and everyone in between, so read more at Turun Kisa-Veikot website (website in Finnish). Rientola also provides a great setting for parties, graduations and other events. And, of course, there is a great sauna.

Young capoeira practioners of Turun Kisa-Veikot and their instructor are smiling for the camera.
Active members of Turun Kisa-Veikot are practicing Capoeira. © Turun Kisa-Veikot

A long football tradition

Football has been a part of Turun Kisa-Veikot since the foundation of the club in 1930. In 2020, we celebrate 90th anniversary of the club and our longstanding football tradition with various events. Check out our website to see our lates news and events.

Kisa-Veikot offers football activities for everyone, regardless of age or gender. In recent years, especially football teams for girls and Prinsessafutis (for 3 to 5 year old girls) have been been growing. Family football and Ritarifutis (for 3 to5 year old boys) have also been popular. There are also teams and hobby groups for young people, men, women, and seniors.

Introducing the exotic Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian sport that combines wrestling, acrobatics and rhythmic movement. It is a versatile form of exercise where both body and mind are trained. Capoeira is suitable for all levels and the style of the practice will develop according to a person's own characteristics.

Exercises include capoeira techniques, balance exercises as well as acrobatics, physical exercise, fitness and music training. We get to know the instruments and the songs sung in Portuguese. We learn the capoeira game that takes place in the ring or Roda. We also learn about the history and traditions of capoeira. It is important for us to create a good team spirit in the group where everyone performs the exercises in their own way. The instructor is Gustavo Cordeiro de Lima (Professor Tiririca) from Brazil.

Instructor of capoeira in Turun Kisa-Veikot, Gustavo, has an instrument called berimbau in his hands.
The instructor of Capoeira, Gustavo, encourages everyone to try the inspiring activity. © Turun Kisa-Veikot

Gustavo has lived in Finland since 2008 and taught at Rientola since 2013. He speaks fluent Finnish. Gustavo has a big heart and approaches everyone as an individual, with encouragement. Gustavo always plans his lessons carefully and gives his best in practice. The most important thing for us is to create the feeling of accomplishment for every enthusiast and share the joy of movement!

Capoeira or Tribo Bahia exercises

  • Group for beginners on Wednesdays 17.00-17.50 ( from 7 to 12 years)
  • Group for intermediate level on Wednesdays 18.00-18.50 (from 12 to 16 years)
  • Group for adults on Thursdays 18.20-19.20 (also teenagers are welcome)

Children may try two group sessions for free, while adults are welcome to try out one free group session.
Whenever possible we try to organize events, such as Christmas parties, workshops, belt tests, camps, etc.

Also check out free Mihi.fi project lessons for 13-19-year-olds!

Happy youngsters playing at the capoeira practice inside a circle of people called Roda just before Christmas. Some of them are wearing Christmas hats.
Pre-Christmas party at Rientola. © Turun Kisa-Veikot

So, how to join us?

You can join the adult group directly by joining the excercise group when the practice takes place (no registration required). For children, pre-registration should be done via the website (pre-registration form at the end of the page). Remember also to follow our Facebook page to see the latest updates!

Where can you find Rientola?

The Rientola Sports House (Rientolan Urheilutalo) is located in a quiet residential area of Kärsämäki, close to the Kärsämäki Sports Park, Pulmussuonkatu 86, 20360 Turku. It takes about 10-15 minutes by car from the center to Kärsämäki and there are parking spaces in the Rientola’s front yard.

Rientola has good bus connections. You can get there by bus 13 (stops right next to Rientola), bus 18 and 1. For detailed directions and timetables, see the route guide.

The Rientola is also easily accessible by bike. The tranquil residential area and parks all around make the bike trail enjoyable.

Wooden house with yellow and brown facade is Rientola Sports House in Kärsämäki, Turku.
Rientola Sports House (Rientolan Urheilutalo) is located just a short biking distance from the city center. © Turun Kisa-Veikot

Welcome to join us!

Best wishes,
Sini-Tuuli Siivonen
Assistant instructor for Capoeira
044 2143323, ciqqa.96@hotmail.com

Rauno Help
Executive director of Turun Kisa-Veikot
050 5247141, rauno.tukv@gmail.com

More information about the organization
Turun Kisa-Veikot

Facebook pages for the capoeira group of Turun Kisa-Veikot
Capoeira group’s Instagram-pages


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