The best flea markets and 2nd hand stores in Turku Region

Elisa | 15.4.2024

Spring is a time of renewal and many people are inspired to update their home and wardrobe. This was also the case for Elisa from Hoods, who took her car in March and set off to visit some of the Turku region's most praised flea markets. Come along for the ride!

Unfortunately, the full blog post is currently only in Finnish. If you can read our beautiful language or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post here.

-Elisa & Know Your Hoods Team

P.S. You can get familiar with the neighborhoods with the help of our free search engine!


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Kiitos Elisa erinomaisesta listauksesta <3
Ehdottomasti lista kesäkirppiksistä kiinnostaa, joten sitä odotellessa 🙂

25.4.2024 6:12Vastaa
1 0

Onpa ihana kuulla, kiitos kommentistasi! 🥰Laitetaan siis muistiin, että kysyntää kesäkirppis-listaukselle olisi. 😉

-Elisa Hoodsista

29.4.2024 11:28
0 0