The many ski tracks of Varsinais-Suomi—Find new inspiration for the winter season!

Elisa | 5.1.2023

Are you looking for new cross-country skiing spots? Here are some of the most popular places as well as some lesser-known gems in the Southwestern Finland. In addition, we put together a comprehensive list of ski tracks in Turku and its surrounding areas. Read and get inspired!

Unfortunately this blog post is currently only in Finnish. If you can read our beautiful language or want to use Google Translate, you can read the Finnish blog post.

-Elisa & Know Your Hoods Team


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Käykää tutustumassa Paraisten Finbyn latuihin. Säilölumella Varsinais-Suomen ensimmäiset ladut syksyisin ja pidetään todella hyvässä kunnossa. Jos vähänkin luonnonlunta, golfkentälle vedetään 8 km perinteisen ladut, ja on pidemmät ladut kummallekin tyylille heti kun lumitilanne sallii.

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