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In Marttila, you can enjoy peaceful living in an attractive farmland landscape divided by the Paimionjoki River. Besides the rich natural environment, locals appreciate the high-level municipal services, affordable housing and the diverse opportunities for hobbies and freetime. With its strategic location, Turku, Salo and the capital area are easy to reach.

Marttila for remote workers, commuters and nature enthusiasts

Marttila is an idyllic municipality in Southwest Finland. The Paimionjoki River flows through the municipality and forms a beautiful river valley. Almost half of Marttila’s 2,000 residents are living in the city center, and enjoy the short walking distance to most of the services. The rest of the housing forms a sort of a strip, following both the Paimionjoki River and the historic Hämeen Härkätie (the Oxen Road of Tavastia). The municipality is especially popular with families with children, who especially appreciate the peaceful living environment. The new lots also inspire those who dream of their own home in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Here, a car is still probably the most convenient way to move around. A 40 kilometer trip to Turku along Highway 10 takes just over half an hour, whereas a trip to Salo is even faster. From Salo train station, one can smoothly continue their journey to the Helsinki metropolitan area. And at least for the time being, there are no problems with finding a parking spot. The busses to both Turku and Salo run on a daily schedule and are designed to serve the regular school and working hours. In the compact center of Marttila, it’s easy to walk around or jump on a bike.

The battle of Marttila swayed the destiny of Finland

The first written mention of Marttila dates back all the way to the beginning of the 15th century. As Marttila is one of the parishes originating from the Uskela congregation, this status prompted building a church in the village of Mäntsälä. Today, however, only the quiet waters of the Paimionjoki River remind us of this church, as it flowed into the river with a landslide at the end of the 15th century. The beautiful Marttila Church, which now rises in the center of Marttila, came to replace it in 1765.

Today, Marttila is a peaceful municipality known for its consistent and efficient decision-making culture. But things have also been different at one (remarkable) point in history. Perhaps the most pulsating thriller in Marttila's history, the Battle of Marttila, was witnessed in 1599. The battle was of great importance to the whole country, because as a result, Catholicism failed to root properly in Finland.

Modern-day Marttila encourages entrepreneurship

For the entrepreneurial-minded, it is good to do business in Marttila. In the 2020 municipal barometer, Marttila was ranked second among the municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants. To support businesses and offer practical business advice, Marttila collaborates with the nearby municipalities of Aura and Koski Tl.

In Marttila, agriculture is an important industry as about 20 percent of the municipality's economic structure consists of agriculture and forestry. Processing sector accounts for another 20 percent, while the service sector accounts for about 60 percent. Marttila's central location in Southwest Finland has attracted several transport and logistics businesses to the area, which together with agriculture and construction services form a key part of the municipality's economic vitality.

Schoolchildren get to know the region

Also the public and private services are concentrated in the center of Marttila. Marttila School offers quality education for young pupils in grades 1-6 in well-equipped facilities. The upper secondary school is run together with the municipality of Koski Tl. Marttila arranges transportation for both upper secondary school students and high school students to Koski Tl.

Marttila’s impressive landscapes offer a range of free-time activities

Marttila is surrounded by a wonderful nature, where one can rest and forget the daily chores. For example, you can spend your free time relaxing in the river valley, in the shades of the lush greenery, or go paddling in the beautiful Paimionjoki River. On the Marttila Korpi’s hiking route, you can admire the many wonders of nature in the middle of the barren swamps and forest isles.

In the immediate vicinity of Marttila School, you can find even more free time activities such as an athletics field, a football field, a beach volley field, a frisbee golf course, a traffic park, a skate park, fitness stairs, an outdoor gym and a fitness track. The Martintalo next to the school offers indoor sports facilities and a gym. Those active in arranging their own gatherings, can rent the space for private events. In addition to many sports activities, also cultural experiences are plenty, and one can learn more about the history in the museums of Marttila.

Besides its attractive natural environment, Marttila has a vibrant community. Young people spend time in Marttila's youth center Huvila, which provides a wide variety of activities especially targeted for the youth. In addition, Marttila accommodates many associations, through which it is easy to get to know the local people and find nice, new things to try and do in your free time.

Get to know Marttila from the municipality’s own webpages.

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