Vibrant villages, active community

Mynämäki is a peaceful municipality with vibrant villages and a wide range of services. The municipality is also known for its unusually active clubs and societies.

A peaceful region with decent public transport

Mynämäki is a densely populated area consisting of the town center and several surrounding villages. It lies approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Turku and has a population of under 8000 inhabitants. Mynämäki is an ideal option for those who appreciate peaceful and environmentally friendly living, spirited villages, and many recreational activities.

Mynämäki is a part of the Turku region and Vakka-Suomi Regional Ticket area, which makes commuting from Mynämäki to the neighboring municipalities affordable. A bus ride to Turku takes approximately 45 minutes. You can also take Highway 8 (Valtatie 8) that runs through Mynämäki, and be in Turku within half an hour by car — a viable option if you are in a hurry.

Whispers of history in Mynämäki architecture

Mynämäki is one of Southwestern Finland's old parishes. The name Mynämäki first appeared in documents in the 16th century, but its Swedish name, Virmo, dates as far back as the 14th century.

You can witness the traces of the Mynämäki’s long history in several impressive buildings, churches among them. The Mynämäki Church (or Church of St. Lawrence) is one of Finland’s biggest medieval stone churches. The church has a unique feature: an elegant western tower hall that you won’t find in any other church in Finland.

A supportive environment for green living and small business

Sixty percent of Mynämäki’s jobs are in the service sector, while agriculture and forestry make up somewhat over ten percent. The rest is mainly primary production, which is a slightly higher share than in Finland on average. As for the Mynämäki’s entrepreneurs, they are proudly represented by various small business owners.

Rental housing options are scarce in Mynämäki, but there are many plots of land available. Besides, if you want to build a house here, it doesn’t mean you have to buy the land: you can also rent it. Mynämäki is an excellent option if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative, as Mynämäki is part of the Hinku-initiative, a network of municipalities aiming towards carbon neutrality. This means, for example, that Mynämäki is part of many renewable energy initiatives.

Mynämäki houses a nationally recognized high school

Despite being a small municipality, Mynämäki offers good public services, partly in collaboration with other towns and cities. The small high school in Mynämäki has an energetic and forward-thinking attitude. According to the survey by VATT Institution for Economic Research, Mynämäki high school was one of the top three schools in Finland whose students raised their grades most from junior high school to graduation from senior high school in the 2010s. The Mynämäki department of Raseko (Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium) offers students vocational education, such as applied arts or carpentry.

Beautiful nature and active community

One of the sections of the Kurjenrahka nature park lies in Mynämäki, allowing residents to enjoy beautiful landscapes in the outdoors. To add to the natural riches, Mynämäki’s Mietoistenlahti bay is classified as a nationally valuable landscape. Its reedy shorelines welcome different water birds and waders, especially during spring migration. A delight to the curious birdwatchers! In addition to beautiful nature, Mynämäki has a very active community, with many different self-organized clubs and societies. For example, there are over 20 sports clubs that offer various activities for people of all ages.

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