Space to be free

Pöytyä, a municipality with enchanting nature and good services offers its own space but also a lively everyday life along convenient road connections.

Conveniently located along motorways

Pöytyä is a municipality of just over 8,000 inhabitants in Southwest Finland. Pöytyä merged with the municipality of Karinainen in 2005 and with Yläne in 2009. Every summer the municipality’s population grows even more when the summer residents arrive. 

Thanks to highway 9, it takes about half an hour to drive from Pöytya to Turku and at best fifteen minutes to Loimaa. From the northern part of Yläne it takes about 45 minutes to both Turku and Huittinen, and Rauma is less than an hour away. 

Thanks to its convenient location, services and active community, Pöytyä has a large number of businesses which the municipality also actively supports. These include, for example, Pöytyä’s largest private employer Hydoring Oy and internationally renowned Myssyfarmi. Pöytyä supports entrepreneurs in many ways, like, for example, by giving valuable guidance and offering low cost company land plots around the municipality.

Local services and village spirit 

Pöytyä is an ideal place for residents who value peace and quiet, but also good services. The urban municipality areas of Kyrö, Yläne and Riihikoski all offer local services, and Pöytyä has three comprehensive schools and its own high school.

A home of your own can be found, for example, in green residential areas with detached houses, or you can build your dream home on available plots at a low cost. In addition to the municipal centres, Pöytyä has many active villages where residents can enjoy the charm of the countryside, but also an exceptionally vibrant village spirit! 

An active municipality full of life

Despite the peace and quiet, life in Pöytyä is anything but boring thanks to its wide range of leisure activities from sports to culture and music. For example, the Auranlaakso Community College offers hobbies and basic arts education to local residents.

Pöytyä is also known for hosting the largest dance camp in Finland, filling Pöytyä and the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi with dance lovers from all over Finland. In fact, Pöytyä's many lively villages and associations ensure that there is something going on in the municipality all year round!

Many opportunities to have an adventure

Pöytyä is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers too, where The Kuhankuono trails and Kurjenrahka National Park offer many opportunities for relaxation. You can also find a large number of different lean-tos, scenic routes and shorter nature trails to explore, in addition to Luontokapinetti, a Pöytyä-based nature centre, which offers nature education and experiences for all ages.

The local gems are of course the breathtaking scenery of Lake Pyhäjärvi and the Aura River with its many tributaries, which offer adventures for both paddlers and swimmers. Explore the river’s beautiful national landscapes and inspiring cultural and natural sites along the Aura River tourist route (Aurajoentie), running both in Pöytyä and its neighbouring municipalities.

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