Beautiful nature with a rural feel

Rusko is a small municipality with beautiful nature and a rural feel not far from the buzz of a bigger city. It is perfect for anyone who seeks peaceful residential areas to settle in.

Fields, bogs, and convenient yellow buses

Rusko is a municipality located in Southwestern Finland with a little over 6 000 inhabitants. Despite nestling beside Turku, the provincial center, Rusko has a small-town atmosphere. Its landscape is covered by many natural boglands and fields in Ruskojoki and Vahdonjoki river valleys.

The ten-kilometer drive from Rusko to Turku only takes around 15 minutes. The Föli Public Transportation System brings a dash of color to the area with its yellow busses that can take you to Turku within 40 minutes. Föli operates up to two times per hour, making Rusko an ideal place to live if you are looking for good connections.

Rusko has called to people for over a millennium

People have enjoyed living in Rusko for a long time since the area has had settlements and agriculture for at least a thousand years. There is a notable landmark in Rusko - its medieval stone church from the 16th century. It is one of Finland’s smallest churches, though not any less valuable, as the Rusko church precinct is also a nationally significant cultural heritage site.

Thinking about building? Consider Rusko.

Rusko’s building stock is mainly detached and semi-detached houses. If you are interested in building, you will be glad to hear that many areas in the Rusko town plan zone have been allocated for residential areas. For example, plots in the Päällistönmäki area close to the Rusko center went on sale in 2019, while the Valkiavuori neighborhood will have one hundred new detached houses when the town plan is fully realized.

Not your average town when it comes to jobs

The economic structure of Rusko differs from the national average. Approximately half of the jobs are in processing, while only 40 percent of the jobs are in the service sector. In addition to the municipality, the biggest employer in Rusko is VAK, which designs and manufactures heavy transportation solutions. Turku Science Park supports entrepreneurship in the area, making it an ideal option if you are looking to start your own business.

Rusko has many outdoor activities

Spend your free time enjoying the spectacular outdoors in Rusko. Here you can find some of the beloved Kuhankuono hiking trails, earlier known as Suokulla trails, which let you enjoy forest paths and peaceful nature. Besides the vast valleys, Rusko is famous for its boglands that liven up the scenery and are home to many plants and animals.

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