Euran keskusta


Being the commercial hub of the municipality, the center of Eura brings together a wide range of services and a charming countryside feel. Historic buildings, well-kept courtyards, and green park areas surrounding the Eurajoki River are signature landscapes for the central neighborhoods of Eura.

Spacious living close to services

The center of Eura bundles together many public and private services, of which most are situated along Satakunnankatu road. There are many charismatic residential areas spreading to every direction, surrounded by open, golden fields.

Most of the residential areas in the center provide spacious detached housing such as Lukkala, Nikkari, Kirkonkylänmäki, Vahenoja, and Käräjämäki. Here, residents enjoy grand courtyards and living close to nature. For those who prefer more urban housing, there are affordable yet spacious apartment buildings also in the center.

To the North comes Sorkkinen, an expansive cultural area with a communal hall, Vanha Pappila and several artisanal studios of local handicrafters. Filppula, near the center, is known as an entrepreneurial hub. There you can find people with ambitious business ideas as well as premises for making those ideas happen. Proof of evidence: close to the center is the only nail factory in Finland!

The center of Eura is conveniently compact. Services are easy to reach by foot or by bike. Traveling to neighboring municipalities from Eura is also easy and effortless. For instance, with public transport, a trip to Pori or Rauma takes less than an hour, and with one’s own vehicle even less.

The schools and hobbies in the center attract families with children

The central area is undoubtedly attractive for families with children. In terms of schooling and education, there is a Eura comprehensive school and Eura high school. The high school is nationally recognized for the study success of its students. Eura’s health center, the main library, and most of the municipal services are also located in the central area.

Residents in the center can also benefit from the many outdoor opportunities. The Eurajoki River flows through the center of Eura, providing both sides of the river with cozy river banks and park areas. There is also an athletics field, a football field, tennis hall, padel field, pickleball opportunities and the Eura sports hall (in Finnish). Heading east, one can enjoy the tranquility of the deep green forests, or jump on the fitness track and jog all the way to the neighboring municipality of Säkylä.

Eura is full of history for residents and visitors alike

As a travel destination, the center of Eura is especially attractive for those who are hungry for history. Nearly every higher hill in Eura is a home for some prehistoric finds, mostly from the Viking era. Also, just a few kilometers from the city center, one can admire the old ironworks area in the atmospheric Kauttua Ironworks Village.

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
by the riverside
parks nearby
next to a forest
near the lake
by the fields

Built environment
city center
residential area
apartment buildings
close to the city center
business cluster
peaceful countryside

Building types
detached houses
terraced houses
low-rise apartment buildings
wooden houses
high-rise apartment buildings
newly built

Neighborhood characteristics

Area has
nature conservation area

Articles about neighborhoods

Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Below average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 42 % students 6 % retired 35 % under 14 years old 17 % others 7 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 81 % renting 18 % other types of housing 2 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

46 years
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35 km to the Center of Rauma