Velkua, Livonsaari and hundreds of other small islands form a serene part of the Naantali archipelago. Boasting some of the most spectacular views and the spirits of island life, these neighborhoods flourish with a strong sense of community and a little help for neighbors when in need.

The Naantali archipelago is a wondrous marine area

Velkua and Livonsaari are the main inhabited islands, which lie approximately 20 kilometers away from the center of Naantali. The archipelago is sparsely populated, and the building stock consists mainly of detached and semi-detached houses and traditional farms.

Bridges guarantee a well-functioning connection from Livonsaari into the mainland and you can even use the Turku region's public transport Föli to reach the center of Naantali. However, island living often requires, and allows, the use of a boat or a ferry. There is a regular and free of charge ferry connection (Palvan lossi) between Teersalo in Livonsaari and Velkua. Similarly, Isle Velkuanmaa can be reached by a ferry.

In addition, the waves hit the beaches of other smaller inhabited islands such as Kettumaa, Lailuoto, Munninmaa, Salasvainen, Talosmeri and Vähämaa, which can also be reached by a ferry. If you prefer to make your travels by boat, you may dock your own boat in one of the various harbors run by either the city or a private operator. The Archipelago Trail, popular among drivers as well as cyclists, passes through Naantali archipelago, attracting many visitors to the area.

Community spirit is unparalleled in the archipelago

Velkua was an independent municipality until 2009, when it became a part of Naantali. Livonsaari was annexed to Naantali in 2011. Both areas have witnessed living settlements for ages, creating a rich history, a strong sense of identity and a thriving community spirit. Even though the inhabitants have learned to become independent and are indeed resourceful, there are a variety of daily services such as kindergarten, health care, and a library for making day-to-day life convenient and cosy. The younger family members will be delighted by receiving a new school in Velkua in the near future.

It is no surprise that the population of the area doubles during summertime due to plentiful vacation homes in the area. The increased population guarantees additional services for the warmer months, as various local restaurants open their doors, especially in Velkua. In Livonsaari, a grocery store serves customers all year round and Teersalo opens a summer shop for the brighter months of the year.

Get to know The Livonsaari Society (Livonsaaren kyläyhdistys), which aims to cultivate the rich cultural heritage of Livonsaari and increase the holistic wellbeing of its residents. The similar association, Velkuan saaristolaisyhdistys, operates in Velkua together with Pro Sinervo ry, which seeks to promote the use of Sinervo village house. Naturally, we support all such initiatives enriching the island life, too.

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
in the archipelago
by the sea
next to a forest
parks nearby
by the fields

Built environment
residential area
vacation homes
peaceful countryside

Building types
detached houses
holiday homes
wooden houses
terraced houses

Neighborhood characteristics
village of the month

Area has
nature conservation area

Articles about neighborhoods

Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Below average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 45 % students 4 % retired 35 % under 14 years old 16 % others 12 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 89 % renting 9 % other types of housing 2 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

48,5 years
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