The best day trips around Southwest Finland - one tip for each weekday

Ninna | 8.10.2021

Such a beautiful day of autumn – but where to go to enjoy it? Check out the best day trips in the Turku region in the autumn. There is one for each weekday! You can get to these lovely destinations even without a car either by jumping on the back of your bike or by bus. :)

The autumn has arrived and the trees' full range of colors shine in the Southwest Finland. This is why these are the best times to go enjoy nature and the fresh air of the autumn. We gathered seven excellent destinations for autumn hikes so that there is one for each day of the week!

1. Monday: Villivuori (Wild mountain) in Naantali

Ancient grave stones on top of Villivuori. © Naantalin kaupunki

The Villivuori nature trail is one of the hidden gems in Southwest Finland! The improvements of the nature trail were completed during this autumn of 2021, and hikers will now be able to enjoy the newly cleared trail and the guiding signs. Villivuori rises up to 60 meters above the water surface, and at the top of the mountain you will find a 10-hectare nature reserve and Bronze Age burial mounds. Other wonders of the Villivuori include en ancient beach line, large boulders and handsome cliffs. From the top of the mountain you're able to admire the Baltic Sea!

How do I get there?

Villivuori can be conveniently reached by car, there is a parking place at Koverintie. With a bus Föli you can get to Koverintie stop along Rymättyläntie, which is about a three-kilometer walk to the beginning of the nature trail.

  • Length: 2.4 km
  • Starting point: Koverintie 330, Merimasku
  • Public transport: Föli takes you to the Koverintie stop (3km to the beginning of the nature trail)
  • Map: Map (PDF)
  • Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible.

2. Tuesday: Pähkinäpolku in Raisio

A close picture of a pine cone on the ground.
Enjoying the atmosphere of Pähkinäpolku © CYF

There is a lovely 3km long nature trail called Pähkinäpolku in Tikanmaa in Raisio. If you translate it directly to English, this trail would be called "Nut path." It has got its name because many nut trees are growing there in the deciduous tree area. So if you're lucky, you may find some nuts!

If the 3 km trail is too short, you can continue to wonder in nature towards the sports center of Kerttula and find other nature trails in Raisio here.

How can I get there?

You can take bus number 6 and 7 close to the starting point and walk through Tikanmaa. Or if you go to the center of Raisio first, the bus number R2 goes very close to the starting point.

Length: 3km
Start: Sepelrastaankuja 2, 21210 Raisio
Public transport: Föli 6 and 7 take you to Raisiontie (1km to the beginning of the nature trail)
More information: More information about the route (PDF in Finnish)
Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible.

3. Wednesday: Pomponrahka

Duck boards over a swamp area.
Duck boards are making sure your feet won't get wet on the swamp. © CYF

On Wednesday, our destination is the swamp area of Pomponrahka. Here you can do an easy 2km track on duckboards over the swamp - definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in the autumn. If the 2 km track feels too short, you can go under the main road called Turun kehätie and continue your wander in the forest tracks of Runosmäki.

How can I get there?

Go to a parking place called Isosuo parking lot. You can drive, bike, or take bus number 2 here.

  • Length: 2km
  • Start: Isosuo parking lot, Vahdontie 39-41, 20360 Turku
  • Public transport: Föli takes you to Tampere Highway or Runosmäki (2km to the beginning of the nature trail)
  • Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible.

4. Thursday: Vaarniemi in Kaarina

A view from Vaarniemi sightseeing tower to the see.
On top of Vaarniemi sightseeing tower you can enjoy the views to the sea and archipelago © Niko

The highest trip of the week leads us to the high and rocky forests of Vaarniemi and from there to the seaside of Rauvolanlahti. This path is altogether around 4 km. On top of Vaarniemi rocks, you will find an amazing viewpoint, but you have to climb there first along the long wooden stairs. In Rauvolanlahti, you can find a bird watchtower as well as colorful leaf trees and sandy roads.

How can I get there?

It depends on which vehicle you choose, so today you must plan a bit. By car, you can go in the middle of the area to the parking lot of Rauvolantie 232. By bus, you can choose from busses number 7, 9, 18 that go to Katariinanlaakso in Turku where you have about 1 km walk to the path.

  • Length: 4 km
  • Starting point: Rauvolantie 232, Kaarina
  • Public transport: Föli takes you to a few different stops (2 kilometers to the beginning of the nature trail)
  • Map: St. Catherine's Hiking Trails (PDF)
  • Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible.

5. Friday: Marttila's river path

Syksyn kellastamaa heinää Paimionjoen varrella Marttilassa.
© Henna Juntunen | Paimionjokiyhdistys

The Kumpulanranta river trail is a short scenic path by the Paimionjoki river. On the river trail you can enjoy the atmosphere of a small picturesque path in the middle of nature. Here you can find Marttila's former beach and rapids at Paimionjoki. There is barely any traffic noises in the center of Marttila, as the center is very small and cozy. Just a winding tourist road, Hämeen Härkätie, passes through it. The Paimionjoki Association has recently rehabilitated the river trail.

How can I get there?

Just head to the parking lot of Marttila church. The drive from Turku is about 40 minutes. Matkahuolto buses also transport you to the center of Marttila. Those traveling by bus should leave early enough, as the return rides don't run very late.

  • Length: 1.3 km
  • Starting point: Kirkkotie 3, Marttila
  • Public transport: Matkahuolto transports you to Marttila many times a day
  • Map: Marttila municipality website
  • Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible.

6. Saturday: Hiittenkari in Eura

© Erkki Majamäki

Loved by the locals, Hiittenkari nature trail is a unique place to visit. It is seldom possible to walk on such a narrow headland and admire the shores of the huge Lake Pyhäjärvi. While the trail is for the most part easy to walk, it can be tricky in places thanks to handsome rocks and rhizomes. It is also a particularly popular place for walking the dogs. Hiittenkari's unique landscapes are excellent for autumn hiking, making deciduous trees show their most beautiful colors.

How can I get there?

By car you can access three different parking spaces, from where you can plan your desired walk. At the other end of the Hiittenkari nature trail you will find the Hevossuonranta car park and Sepäntie park on the other. If you're using public transport, it may be better to spend a night in Eura, so there will be no rush! The distance from the center of Eura to Hiittenkari is about 5 km, and public transport from Pori and Turku, for example, only takes place a few times a day.

  • Length: 2.7 km
  • Starting point: Sepäntie 153, Eura
  • Public transport: Matkahuolto buses go to Eura a few times a day from bigger cities
  • Map: Visit Pyhäjärviseutu
  • Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible.

7. Sunday: Vanhakoski grove in Huittinen

© Helena Kaitanen | Huittisten kaupunki

The Vanhankoski grove area is an unforgettable nature experience, which is perfect for even the smallest members of the family. The area is part of a national grove conservation program and is located on the banks of the Loimijoki River, where you can admire the magnificent rapids landscape. The name of the area dates back to an old rapids that used to be at the grove area. The rapids dried up as a result of the landslide, which caused the Loimijoki River to change direction to its current stream.

How can I get there?

It is easy to drive to the Vanhankoski grove parking lot. When traveling by public transport, you should consider staying the night in Huittinen so you won't be in too much of a hurry. The distance from the center of Huittinen to Vanhankoski grove is about 4 kilometers.

  • Length: 1 km
  • Starting point: Vanhankoskentie 117, Huittinen
  • Public transport: Matkahuolto buses go to Huittinen a few times a day from bigger cities
  • Map: On the website of the city of Huittinen (in Finnish)
  • Accessibility: The shelter at the beginning of the route and the campfire site are accessible, but the nature trail is not accessible.

A Special Autumn trip!

We have a special autumn trip suggestion: Go on an autumn trip to the neighborhood recommended by our search engine! For example, you can search for areas by the sea, by the forests or in hilly landscapes. Test our search engine and take a look at what kind of day trip destinations you can find in the recommended neighborhoods. :)

Did you do one or more of these trails? Let us know how they were and what you thought about them :) Also, leave a comment below if you know a wonderful nature trail that wasn't on this list and help other hikers find the best day trips for autumn in the Turku region.

P.S. You can get familiar with the Turku region's residential areas in advance with the help of our free search engine!

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