On Land and at Sea – Students’ Favorite Sports Venues

Susanna | 25.8.2020

During the student weeks, we introduce Turku to new students so that starting studies in a completely new city would be less terrifying. Here we invite you to explore with us a variety of wallet-friendly sport activities located near the campuses.

Counterbalance to studying

When studying in front of the computer starts to numb you, it’s time to get moving. Turku has many different ways to exercise both alone and with friends. There are many parks and outdoor gyms and if the weather is bad you can always count on indoor exercise opportunities.

We picked our favorite places and activities to do at the end of the day full of study, which you can see below!

Campus Sport – try a whole new sport

Campus Sport's sign on the wall of a red brick building near the Turku bus station.
Campus Sport has 5 different types of gyms near campuses. © Jenni Polttila

Campus Sport enables students to do sports and exercise at an affordable, student-friendly price. Campus Sport has several gyms near the campuses, guided exercise, and competitions in numerous sports. The range of sports is wide and there is something for everyone from yoga to e-sports. It is also an easy way to try something completely new!

The joy of exercise in Kupittaa

The sports park in front of the Kupittaa campus of Turku University of Applied Sciences invites you to exercise all year round. The sports center includes lawn and baseball courts, orienteering crosses, and beach volleyball courts. The area also has a bowling alley and an outdoor pool, as well as a cycling velodrome and a skating rink. Some of the services in Kupittaa Sports Park are available free of charge without a separate reservation, while others are subject to a fee and require a reservation.

The skating rink of the Kupittaa sports park in Turku, with apartment buildings in the background.
In summer, the skating rink in Kupittaa sports park is used by roller skaters. © Jenni Polttila

Tip: Organize your own fun park olympics with your classmates. In sports, only imagination is the limit!

Take a dip in the Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium

Samppalinna’s outdoor swimming stadium is a popular sunbathing place especially in summer, but it also offers good swimming opportunities until mid-September. With a student card, you can get to the swimming pool at a cheaper price than usual. So, grab a towel and a swimsuit and head for a swim, not forgetting about the sauna!

Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium and jumping tower photographed from outside of the stadium.
The indoor swimming pool has a jumping tower up to 10 meters high, connected to a 50-meter swimming pool. © Jenni Polttila

Enjoy the natural waters all year round

If instead of a swimming stadium, you are attracted to natural water, there are several public beaches in Turku where you can enjoy cool sea water. Saaronniemi in Ruissalo and Ispoinen beach in Uittamo are beautiful and popular beaches by the sea. For a real Finnish experience, try winter swimming in Ispoinen and Saaronniemi! If you prefer swimming in the lake, Maaria or Littoinen are your options.

A lawn area, three changing rooms and a sandy beach on Turku's Ispoinen beach. The sea is in the background.
Ispoinen beach attracts swimmers to swim and sunbathe. © Jenna Jouhki

Atmospheric forest routes

If you long for the peace of the woods and a little exercise for your day, head to Turku's numerous forest trails. The atmospheric Katariinanlaakso is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Katariinanlaakso is a 17-hectare nature reserve containing islets of rare deciduous trees, which is located near the southern suburbs of Turku near the Kaarina border. Hirvensalo and Littoistenjärvi also have wonderful jogging trails which are worth exploring.

A green outdoor trail in the Katariinanlaakso Nature Reserve.
Atmospheric Katariinanlaakso Nature Reserve. © Jenni Polttila

How do you relax after studying?

What happens next in Student Weeks?

We in the Know Your Hoods organize Student Weeks from August 10th to September 6th, 2020. We show Turku from the students' perspective and share our own tips for Turku's student life. Next, we get a peek into Luolavuori through the eyes of an exchange student. While you wait, you can read the moods of the exchange students from Student Village. Please come back soon!

- Jenna and Jenni (Students at TUAS) & Susanna (Know Your Hoods)


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