The city of active residents

Welcome to Kouvola, the city of active individuals! Experience the life you've always wanted. Kouvola offers a seamless blend of everyday functionality, affordable housing options, and quality leisure time. Kouvola, the heart of Southeast Finland, is a city of nature and sports. We have good connections – to people, nature, the world, and opportunities.

A City of Active People at the Heart of It All

In Kouvola, you'll discover a harmonious mix of urban convenience, serene countryside with stunning waterways, cultural richness, and great sporting opportunities. Home to approximately 80,000 inhabitants, we proudly hold the position as the 11th largest city in Finland by population and the largest in southern Finland by land area. Notably, Kouvola boasts the highest number of farms in the country and holds the title of Finland's largest garrison town.

Convenience is at your doorstep in Kouvola, with services and recreational options easily accessible. Whether it's exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Repovesi National Park or enjoying the renovated outdoor trails, nature is never far away. Housing choices in Kouvola cater to diverse preferences, from city centers to peaceful hamlets and vibrant rural villages. 

With nearly five hundred lakes and the magnificent Kymijoki River, Kouvola stands as one of Finland's most sought-after summer cottage communities, perfect for fishing and engaging in various water activities. Living on the waterfront and taking cottages for permanent residential use is also made easy.

In Kouvola, you have time to do what you really want

In Kouvola, everything is within reach, just fifteen minutes away. Access a wide array of services, engage in your favorite hobbies, find work, or pursue your studies, all with ease. Nature surrounds Kouvola, beckoning from every doorstep. The people of Kouvola really get to spend their time on what they value most: experiences and high-quality everyday life.

Cultural life thrives, catering to diverse tastes. From more niche motorsport events to crowd-pullers like rock concerts, sports games, and horse racing, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Kouvola ranks among the top Finnish municipalities in terms of the number of concerts held throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for music enthusiasts to indulge in their passion.

Kouvola's commitment to a smooth daily routine extends to children and young people. We have a close-to-forest nursery school (Metsäeskari), and our early childhood education has earned multiple awards. Many of our daycare centers are part of the Green Flag program for sustainable development and education. We're investing in new schools that prioritize accessibility, health, and a modern learning environment. Kouvola's unique hobby model ensures that every child and young person enjoys a pleasant and free hobby during their school day. Secondary school students and the elderly benefit from free public transport, making life more convenient for all.

A city of many possibilities

In Kouvola, a city with many opportunities, experts in various fields can thrive. We are a city of administration and trade, a logistic center at crossroads, and a garrison town. From food production to trade, service jobs to the manufacturing industry, our town offers a diverse range of employment prospects. Skilled professionals are especially needed in sectors like social services and health care, as well as the technology sector, offering diverse roles and responsibilities. Kouvola provides an excellent infrastructure for remote workers, with diverse housing options to support their needs.

Kouvola boasts a comprehensive higher education landscape. The Kouvola campus of Southeastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) and the Kouvola unit of LUT University offer a versatile array of educational programs. Notably, LUT University provides two new master's programs focused on the food industry and logistics, catering to the evolving needs of these sectors in the area.

Kouvola's strategic location in the heart of it all ensures convenient commuting and quick connections. With easy access to nearby towns and the capital region, work trips are effortless. The capital region can be reached in just over an hour by train, while destinations like Kotka, Lahti, and Lappeenranta are less than an hour's drive or train ride away.

Get to know the villages

Know Your Hoods currently includes three inspiring villages in Kouvola. Get to know them by clicking the name of the villages below. Of course, there are other neighborhoods and villages in Kouvola. You can check housing options and available lots (only in Finnish) from Kouvola's website.

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