The stream of life in Aura

The municipality of Aura lies at the heart of the national landscape of the Aura River. Aura is incredibly well-connected; Turku is 20 minutes away. Aura has a unique countryside – perfectly adequate for a home right by a lush river valley, with diverse services and recreational opportunities within reach.

Broad, steady and spacious living in Aura

There are approximately 4,000 inhabitants in Aura, in the cultural landscape of the Aura River Valley. Aura is centrally located along Valtatie 9, making it convenient to travel to Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. One can comfortably commute to Turku by bus in less than 30 minutes.

The residents of Aura are granted a spectacular landscape of the Aura River Valley – an agreeable setting for living. Additionally, Aura's comprehensive services guarantee a smooth everyday life. With even a 24/7 operating shop, Aura can be considered the hub for services in Auranmaa. Together the school in the city center and the idyllic Kirkonkulma school offer elementary education. The nearest high school can be found in the neighboring town of Pöytyä, and the high schools in the Turku region are conveniently reachable by bus.

In addition to basic services, the entrepreneur-friendly Aura has invested in supporting companies and enabling cooperation between companies. In Aura, association activities are also very active: nearly 40 associations are active in the municipality.

Aura’s vast plots inspire to build

For those dreaming of their own home and large yard, Aura offers various suitable allotments. Located in the eastern center, the Pikku-Lahto II area is delightful with its closeness to nature and charming scenery. In the western center, close to the middlemost of Aura, the popular Säästökallio area also offers plots for those favoring the closeness of services and transportation. Furthermore, there are large plots available in the rural whereabouts of Aura, notably in ​​Järykselä's Rantamaa.The plots of Aura can be found on the municipality's website.

Vibrant day-to-day living in the midst of Aura’s stream

In spite of evidence showing signs of past settlements, the municipality of Aura was formed only in the 19th century as a result of its railway station’s opening. On the grounds of this development, life in the area began to intensify. Asemaseutu which belonged to Pöytyä, and the village of Prunkkala which belonged to Lieto, merged. Together with the Aura river, their fusion has marked the division of the center of Aura and its services.

Following its progress, Aura has naturally amassed a rich historical and cultural heritage. The Hypöistenkoski trail offers a great glimpse into Aura’s legacy. The green riverside is an important recreational destination, as its beautiful scenery can also be enjoyed in various ways, for instance by kayaking or sup-boarding. Moreover, the breathtaking scenery and long, unified hiking trails of Kuhankuono in Kurjenrahka’s national park also offer an exciting getaway from everyday life. Lastly, the new phenomenal Aura River tourist route exhibits Aura’s utmost surroundings from a fresh and flowy perspective.

In terms of leisure and amusement, Aura scores plentifully. Mini golf and frisbee golf courses as well as a skate park will most likely hit the spot for many – regardless of their age. Ulkoilu-Lahto’s winter sports center offers an excellent setting for skiing and ice skating. This very same place offers a sensational outdoor itinerary during the summer. Local associations make sure to bring variety to everyday life and make it easy to get to know the locals.

Read more about Aura on the municipality’s own website.

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