Iso-Heikkilä is relatively close to the center of Turku, next to the Port of Turku. It is an old high-rise area, but it keeps developing. Soon, there will be many newly built apartment buildings.

Iso-Heikkilä is a neighborhood just outside the city center, close to the harbor and the main railway station. It takes only a short bike ride to reach the city center and there are excellent public transport connections.

Iso-Heikkilä includes a high-rise apartment building block called Patterinhaka, which is the first apartment building complex in Turku. Patterinhaka has been home to the former President of Finland, Mauno Koivisto, in the 1950s. Most of Iso-Heikkilä's apartment buildings rose around this time, and many original residents still live in the area. In addition to the old area, the Kirstinpuisto apartment building complex is currently under construction. The new area will emphasize sustainable practices in construction and living.

There are various services in the area such as a daycare, a retirement home, grocery store, and a few restaurants. The nearest school is in the neighboring area Port Arthur. There is also a small industrial area in Iso-Heikkilä, yet, because of the Kirstinpuisto construction, the area has significantly transformed. Places for recreational activities in the district include gym and dancing lessons in Saippua-Center, skate park, and a few small parks.

A neighborhood association Iso-Heikkilä-Patterinhaka ry is operating in the area. They aim to promote the interests of the residents, develop the attractiveness of the area, cherish the cultural tradition, and promote community spirit.

Do you enjoy living close to the harbor and within a short distance from the city center?

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
parks nearby

Built environment
apartment buildings
residential area
business cluster

Building types
high-rise apartment buildings
detached houses

Area is

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Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Above average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 49 % students 9 % retired 35 % under 14 years old 7 % others 15 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 49 % renting 49 % other types of housing 2 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

45 years
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3 km to the Center of Turku