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The Northern rural area is sparsely populated and surrounded by nature. In addition, there are couple of industrial areas nearby.

The northern rural area is mainly a peaceful countryside surrounded by rich nature. In addition, the area includes industrial areas of Urusvuori, Oriketo, Metsämäki, and Saramäki as well as the Turku airport. The southern edge of the area is located approximately 6 kilometers from the center of Turku and the most distant parts of this area about 15 kilometers away. Public transport runs regularly along the main routes through the area.

The villages in the eastern part of this area are Paimala, Tasto and Haaga. Paimala is a sparsely populated area with many gardening companies. Haaga is a small village-like residential area near Metsämäki by the river Aura. Haaga forms nationally valuable landscape together with Vanhalinna area in Lieto municipality on the other side of the river.

There are valuable areas near the airport including the protected swamps of Pomponrahka and Isosuo and a devil’s nest of Kärsämäki(Kärsämäen pirunpesä). In addition to natural wonders, there is Maarian allas reservoir which was created by a dam on the border of Paimala and Tasto. Maarian allas area is surrounded by nature tracks, untouched forests, and a beach of Jäkärlä. Neighborhood association Maarian Allas ry aims to promote the region's recreational use and preserve its history.

The airport area is constantly developing and there are plans to build a large logistics center called LogiCity which will create new jobs in the area. There is also an active horse racing track Metsämäki in the area. In addition, there are waste management activities, Topinoja dump, and a prison in Metsämäki and Saramäki areas.

Would you enjoy living in a sparsely populated rural area?

Neighborhood features

Natural environment
by the fields
next to a forest
parks nearby
by the riverside

Building types
detached houses

Built environment
peaceful countryside
residential area
business cluster

Neighborhood characteristics

Area has
nature conservation area

Area is

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Price level in the neighborhood info

Housing sales prices

Below average
Average price in Turku: 2090 €/m2
The price level is indicative.

Neighborhood residents info

Primary life situation

working 41 % students 10 % retired 34 % under 14 years old 14 % others 15 %
% of residents

Housing types

home ownership 55 % renting 42 % other types of housing 3 %
% of housing

Average age of the residents

42,5 years
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