The best day trips around Turku region - one tip for each weekday

Ninna | 9.10.2020

Such a beautiful day of autumn – but where to go to enjoy it? Check out the best day trips in the Turku region in the autumn. There is one for each weekday! You can get to these lovely destinations even without a car either by jumping on the back of your bike or by bus. :)

The autumn has arrived and the trees' full range of colors shine in the Turku region. This is why these are the best times to go enjoy nature and the fresh air of the autumn. We gathered seven excellent destinations for autumn hikes so that there is one for each day of the week!

A map that shows the starting locations of 7 hikes in Turku regions.

1. Monday: Kultaranta kuru in Naantali

A wooden sign of Kultaranta Kuru nature trail, the forest path and pine forest.
Kultaranta Kuru's path leads you to adventures in the forest. © CYF

On the island of Luonnonmaa in Naantali, you can find a nature track loved by the locals, yet it remains a hidden gem for other visitors. In Kultaranta Kuru, you can walk two separate trails that are both less than 2km. But if you walk through all the paths in Kultaranta Kuru, you'll get a nice 6 km hike! These trails are rather easy to walk, and you can find stairs, duckboards, bridges, and some resting areas to make your hike easier.

Orange ferns in front of high pine trees.
The ferns of Kultaranta Kuru in golden autumn colors. © CYF

How can I get there?

You can take a bus close to the starting point. On autumn Mondays, you get there best during the midday. The last bus leaves after 8 PM, so you got plenty of time. If you own a car, just type Virventie to your navigator.

2. Tuesday: Pähkinäpolku in Raisio

A close picture of a pine cone on the ground.
Enjoying the atmosphere of Pähkinäpolku © CYF

There is a lovely 3km long nature trail called Pähkinäpolku in Tikanmaa in Raisio. If you translate it directly to English, this trail would be called "Nut path." It has got its name because many nut trees are growing there in the deciduous tree area. So if you're lucky, you may find some nuts!

A sign that shows the way to Pähkinämäki by the path in a pine tree forest.
Pähkinämäen maja is a good stop along the path. © CYF

If the 3 km trail is too short, you can continue to wonder in nature towards the sports center of Kerttula and find other nature trails in Raisio here.

How can I get there?

You can take bus number 6 and 7 close to the starting point and walk through Tikanmaa. Or if you go to the center of Raisio first, the bus number R2 goes very close to the starting point.

3. Wednesday: Pomponrahka

Duck boards over a swamp area.
Duck boards are making sure your feet won't get wet on the swamp. © CYF

On Wednesday, our destination is the swamp area of Pomponrahka. Here you can do an easy 2km track on duckboards over the swamp - definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in the autumn. If the 2 km track feels too short, you can go under the main road called Turun kehätie and continue your wander in the forest tracks of Runosmäki.

How can I get there?

Go to a parking place called Isosuon pysäköintipaikka. You can drive, bike, or take bus number 2 here.

4. Thursday: the forests of Kohmo and Varissuo

Close picture of red lingonberries.
You might still find delicious red lingonberries, so keep your eyes on the ground too © CYF

One of the biggest forest areas near the center of Turku is located in the middle of the neighborhoods of Kohmo, Pääskyvuori, and Varissuo. There is a circle track called Varissuon kuntorata in the middle of the forest, but you can also find multiple little paths that lead to adventures and deeper into the forest. Yet it's hard to get lost because whichever way you walk, you'll end up in one of the surrounding neighborhoods.

A dirt road through the woods of pine trees and birches.
In the forests of Kohmo-Varissuo you can find a wider running track as well as many smaller paths © CYF

Tip! There is an interesting place called Kuralan kylämäki close to this track, and it's worth a visit. There you can enjoy the atmosphere of the old times and pretend you've been sent back in time a few decades.

How can I get there?

The forest area is only a little over 4 km from the center of Turku, so you can easily reach it by bike or bus number 2.

5. Friday: Luolavuori

Paths, forest and few apartment blocks on top of Luolavuori in Turku.
Amazing views on top of Luolavuori © CYF

On Friday, we're heading to the Luolavuori recreational area, where you can find forest paths, frisbee golf, a tennis field, a water tower, and one of the Finlands best cave adventures. The nature trail itself goes 2,5 km in the areas of Luolavuori and Ilpoinen. If you wish to continue longer, follow the forest path from Ilpoinen to Ispoinen. This will make your track become around 5 km in length.

Tip! Close to the tennis field and down from the water tower, you may find the main entrance of the biggest cave in Luolavuori. This goes 45 meters deep and has separate 'rooms' you can crawl in. If you wish to enter the cave, take a flashlight with you!

How can I get there?

Find a parking lot in Luolavuorentie 37 by bike, car, or take bus number 18 there.

6. Saturday: Rauhalinna

A forest path in Rauhalinna in Kaarina that has autumn leaves covering it and colorful leafy trees around it.
One of the best places to enjoy the colors of the leafy trees in the autumn is in Rauhalinna in Kaarina © CYF

On Saturday, we're heading to the magical atmosphere of Rauhalinna in Kaarina. The nature track is about 2 km long and takes the wanderer to the historical lands of a mansion, the seashore, and colorful deciduous forests.

Tip! We arranged a happening called Kaarina Neighborhood Hunt during this autumn and one of the checkpoints was in Rauhalinna. On the checkpoint the hunters could find out who is the ghost you might see wandering through the fields of Rauhalinna. Spooky! Find out who the ghost is on the neighborhood page of this area, Voivala-Raadelma.

How can I get there?

You can find a parking spot for a few cars by Rauhalinnantie, or you can take a bus close to it to Uudenmaantie. Bus numbers 700-706 or 801 drive past the area. Yet you still need to walk a bit towards the sea before getting to the path.

7. Sunday: Vaarniemi

A view from Vaarniemi sightseeing tower to the see.
On top of Vaarniemi sightseeing tower you can enjoy the views to the sea and archipelago © Niko

The last trip of the week leads us to the high and rocky forests of Vaarniemi and from there to the seaside of Rauvolanlahti. This path is altogether around 4 km. On top of Vaarniemi rocks, you will find an amazing viewpoint, but you have to climb there first along the long wooden stairs. In Rauvolanlahti, you can find a bird watchtower as well as colorful leaf trees and sandy roads.

How can I get there?

It depends on which vehicle you choose, so today you must plan a bit. By car, you can go in the middle of the area to the parking lot of Rauvolantie 232. By bus, you can choose from busses number 7, 9, 18 that go to Katariinanlaakso in Turku where you have about 1 km walk to the path.

What else?

We have a photo competition called 'Colors and lights' going on. When you're hiking these trails in the colorful autumn forest, you might want to take a few pictures of the most beautiful things you see and attend to this competition.

Did you do one or more of these trails? Let us know how they were and what you thought about them :) Also, leave a comment below if you know a wonderful nature trail that wasn't on this list and help other hikers find the best day trips for autumn in the Turku region.

P.S. You can get familiar with the Turku region's residential areas in advance with the help of our free search engine!

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Hi,I am from Algeria and I planning to come to Finland and hike in kohmo in June,what is he best plan?thanks

19.4.2023 20:16Vastaa
0 0

Hi and welcome to Finland! I am so happy you are planning a visit here. 🙂

If you are staying in Kohmo, Turku and looking for outdoor places near by, I would recommend hiking around Littoistenjärvi lake. Another great option is walking along Aurajoki river. You can start the route from the center of Turku and continue almost as far as you like. There are some beautiful lakeside views, forests and a few historical sides along the path!

If you are feeling very adventurous, you could try the Archipelago ring road too:

..or these places near Turku (the Old Castle Hill, for example, is quite close to Kohmo):

I hope these tips were helpful!

Wishing you a good stay and great hiking days,
Anna & the Hoods team

24.4.2023 12:37
1 0