Pohjola combines both historical and urban living in Turku

Susanna | 9.11.2019

During the end of my studies I had to move away from the Eastern Center of Turku and ended up to Pohjola. Before moving to Pohjola, my life was focused on the southern part of Turku and the bridge connecting Pohjola and the city center up North almost felt like Point of No Return. After a short while, I recognized and was delighted that there is life in the northern part as well.

Moving to the other side of the railways

I am reflecting my experiences in my current home city Turku and its’ four lovely neighborhoods that I have lived in. My first post of the neighborhood series was about the Eastern Center of Turku and now I am writing about my experiences in Pohjola.

As I was heading towards the end of my studies, I had to move away from my apartment in Vähä-Hämeenkatu due to a demolition of the apartment building. My only criteria back then was ‘everything within walking distance from the university is OK’. I ended up in Pohjola in 2011, totally unknown area for me, and I was slightly worried to be disturbed by the trains running by my apartment. In a couple of days, I forgot the trains ever existed.

I was delighted by the fact that Pohjola is a lovely neighborhood with old, colorful and mostly renovated wooden houses with great location. It only took about 15 minutes to walk to the city center and the bus and railway stations were almost next door. I was used to a certain kind of hustle and bustle of the city center (with partying students), and I felt relaxed in a more peaceful neighborhood.

Yellow, pink, beige and green wooden houses in a row on a sunny day in the neighbourhood of Pohjola in Turku.
In Pohjola, colorful and idyllic wooden houses are beautiful in summer as well as in winter (excluding November, when basically nothing is beautiful...). © CYF

Services in Pohjola

Usually, I took care of my day-to-day errands in the city center because it was easy to handle everything while staying on my regular route. However, there is a convenient small grocery store and pharmacy on the eastern side of Pohjola along Satakunnantie and on the other side of the neighborhood is Lidl and the ABC station that is open 24/7. This ABC proved its importance one Christmas Eve, when the biggest delicacy of our family - cheeses - were accidentally left in Tampere. I believe the shop had to offer even something more festive than Emmental. During the same Christmas Eve we were going to participate in a Christmas peace proclamation for the first time live at the spot, but the downpour made us draw back the curtains and turn the TV on. Can’t say that wasn’t peaceful, though.

"Pohjola neighborhood has excellent location related to the city center."

Pohjola is a perfect neighborhood for a young adults, but the neighborhood also seems to be popular among families with children. The children of Pohjola mainly attend the schools of Kähäri or Raunistula, which are on the borders of neighboring areas. On the top of the Midsummer's Hill (Juhannuskukkula), the highest point of Pohjola, rises the building of the Turku Vocational Institute. The cube-shaped building is special for the reason that is also functions as a water tower.

Massive, cubic shaped and red-brick building on top of the rocky hill called Juhannuskukkula in Pohjola in Turku on a sunny day.
The massive building of Turku Vocational Institute is located at the top of Juhannuskukkula hill. © CYF

Pohjola – part of the city center or not?

Logomo, a center for events and creative economy, opened its doors in 2011 to the defunct locomotive workshop located in Pohjola. Opening Logomo was a real starting point for the development of the area and Pohjola is transforming itself to become a part of the Center of Turku. New apartment buildings are being built and new event center is estimated to open in 2023. These projects have, and will, enliven the area, yet most likely to make prices of the accommodation to rise.

New apartment buildings of Logomo in a rowing Pohjola in Turku on a sunny day. The buildings have red-bricked facade.
New apartment building area is being built in Logomo. © CYF

Pohjola neighborhood has excellent location related to the city center and act as a starting point for highways heading towards Helsinki, Pori and Tampere. Anyhow, acting as a popular route to and from the city center, there is somewhat more traffic and noise than in neighborhoods further away the city. Especially the Aninkainen bridge (Aninkaistensilta) area is a bit noisy and dull for pedestrians to cross every day. Currently, a new walking bridge close to Logomo is under construction, which will be a new alternative for pedestrians.

The northern part of the railways became home

After living in Pohjola for a while, I truly started to feel at home. I started searching for a permanent apartment in the area. At the end I found a perfect one and moved to the neighboring district Kähäri. I will reflect on my thoughts about Kähäri in the next blog post and later, about Raunistula neighborhood.

Have you lived in Pohjola? Please share your best tips for anyone considering to move to the area.



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