In the heart of nature

Inspiring history, charming mansions, and beautiful nature, only 15 kilometers away from Turku. The municipality is developing rapidly and is zoning interesting new areas for those looking for communal living and business activities. All in all, Masku offers good services to residents and also a wide variety of leisure activities for lovers of outdoor activities, sports and golf.

A municipality of multiple villages

Located in Southwestern Finland, Masku is a municipality surrounded by nature, with a population of just under 10 000 inhabitants. Charming churches and ancient mansions speak volumes about the rich local history. The municipality is spread wide around the town center covering tens of villages – especially with the conjunction of Masku, Askainen and Lemu.

Highway 8 runs through Masku, which guarantees easy access to, for example, Raisio, which is about 5 minutes away, and Turku, which is a 15-minute drive away. You can also get around the cities easily by commuting.

Utilities at your routine’s service

Masku is a developing municipality, whose population has increased during the 2000s, unlike many municipalities of the same size. The services at Masku are good and versatile – the municipality still has village schools for lower grades and one middle school. The nearest high school is in Nousiainen, a few kilometers from the center of Masku, so studying in high school does not require moving away from the town.

Maskun Kalustetalo, one of the most famous furniture stores in Finland, originates from Masku and has a large store along highway 8. There are also other shops in the area of Masku Liikekeskus. In addition, the largest shopping center in the area, Raision Mylly, is only a 5-minute drive from the center of Masku.

Cozy living in Masku

If you are interested in living amidst nature but close to a bigger city, Masku might be the place for you. There are many different plot options available in Masku for those planning to build their own home. For example, the Palsala is an area planned for a new type of construction right next to services and schools. In Palsala, the focus is on ease of living and community. Plots can also be found in Pirttimäki, which is also a quiet residential area close to good transport links and services.

In the future, Masku aims to attract residents of all ages by diversifying its housing planification. For example, blocks have been zoned for apartment buildings in the Riviera area, and terraced houses are designed for the Palsala area. More space has also been zoned for services and small businesses, for example in the Riviera area, which is located within easy reach of Turku airport and port.

A wide range of activities

One does not run out of things to do in Masku. The municipality’s recreation and outdoor activities are various. The most famous of the municipality's recreation areas is the Maskun Riviera, made of hectare-sized sand pits, in which you can spend time swimming or snorkeling.

In Masku you can also go on excursions, for example, on the shore of Oukkulanlahti known for its rich birdlife or on the trails of Kuhankuono. West Masku is bordered by the sea, and the shoreline is followed by a canoeing route that goes past the villages of Lemu all the way to Naantali. In addition to hiking, Masku has a wide range of different hobby opportunities, which are organized by Masku's municipality and its active organizations.

Read more about Masku on the municipality’s own website.


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