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Susanna | 8.4.2020

Beloved Kaarina Photo competition was held in the winter of 2020, with 163 photos taken. In the competition’s final people voted for their favorites.We warmly thank all the photographers and voters! Now is the time to announce the winners.

Beloved Kaarina Photo competition has been organized by Know Your Hoods, The City of Kaarina, Kaarinan Kehitys Oy and a local newspaper Kaarina-lehti. The competition has run weekly during the spring 2020.

We accepted photos taken from Kaarina and following our weekly themes which were (1) natural environment (2) modern and historical Kaarina and (3) the lives of people of Kaarina. People participated with 163 photos taken all over Kaarina and the most popular sceneries were found in Littoinen, Voivala, Kuusisto and Kaarinan keskusta.

A jury of organizers selected 20 photos for the finals and the readers were voted for their favorite. The voting was open from March 17th-29th 2020 on our blog. There was 182 votes given in the finals and all the photos had their supporters. However, the top 5 photos gathered as much as 80% of all the votes.

And now, drumroll, please!

The winner of the overall competition - The Rising Sun in the Lake Littoinen

The winner of the overall competition is Jyri Aerikkala (Instagram account @aerijyr), who received as much as 37% of all votes. His stunning photo captures the sunrise in its full colors at the Lake Littoinen in Littoinen neighborhood. The beautiful sunset creates its own outstanding atmosphere. The winner is rewarded with a 100 € gift card to 50/50 Bistro. Congratulations Jyri!

A few boats on a bright orange sunrise on a very still Lake Littoinen in Kaarina.
Sunrise at Lake Littoinen @ Jyri Aerikkala

2nd place - Hovirinta shore in November

Photographer Carolin Nedermo (Instagram account @carolinfridolin) got as much as 18% of all votes and therefore received the second place in the competition. Her dreamy picture from the shore of Hovirinta in the center of Kaarina is almost like it was from a fairy tale. Congratulations Carolin!

One sailboat on a dock in the sea the middle of morning for in Hovirinta in Kaarina.
Hovirinta shore in November © Carolin Nedermo

3rd place - August Sun in Kuusistonsalmi

The third place went to Päivi Niskanen with her amazing photo of a sunset on Kuusistonsalmi. This piece of art got 10% of all votes and describes well the calmness and attractiveness of Kuusisto. Congratulations Päivi!

A very still sea water in the morning fog in Kuusistonsalmi and the Sun is shining through the fog in the horizon behind a forest.
August Sun in Kuusistonsalmi © Päivi Niskanen

Joint 4th place - Sunset in Kuusistonsalmi

Photographer Jari Kouvo shared joint 4th place with this magical picture that reminds you of a painting of the sea view in Kuusisto. Congratulations Jari!

The last bit of sunlight is lingering in the horizon while the darkness lurks in at Kuusistonsalmi in Kaarina.
Kuusistonsalmen auringonlasku © Jari Kouvo

Joint 4th place AND weekly theme winner "Life in Kaarina" - Saaristo Open

Joint 4th place was shared with Taru Sysinoro's amazing picture of Saaristo Open festival. This atmospheric picture of a festival crowd and a famous Finnish artist Michael Monroe was nominated as a best picture during a theme week "Life in Kaarina"! Saaristo Open festival is usually organised in the center of Kaarina in Hovirinta during summertime. Congratulations Taru!

Saaristo Open festival's crowd is watching Micahel Monroe show in the darkening night in Hovirinta in Kaarina.
Saaristo Open in Hovirinta, Kaarina © Taru Sysinoro

Weekly theme winner "Modern and historical Kaarina" - The Bridge in Auranlaakso

Eve Penttinen won the theme week of "Modern and historical Kaarina" with this modern picture of a historical bridge in Auranlaakso. Congratulations Eve!

The bridge of Ravattula in its. full autumn colours and the forest behind it in Auranlaakso in Kaarina.
The Bridge in Auranlaakso © Eve Penttinen

Weekly theme winner "Natural environment" - Sunset over Voivala

Johanna Siivonen won the theme week of "Natural environment" with this calm and beautiful picture of Voivalanranta. Congratulations Johanna!

The last bits of sunlight are mirrored in the sea as pink in the horizon and the darkness starts to fill the view by the sea in Voivala in Kaarina. There are a few wooden sticks standing upward from the sea.
Sunset in Voivala © Johanna Siivonen

Thank you for participating the Beloved Kaarina competition!

-Susanna and theKnow Your Hoods team

What's next?

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