Life in the Archipelago

Kemiönsaari (Kimitoön in Swedish) is a lively and creative meetup spot. It is nearly impossible to run out of things to do especially with different festivals, being held around the year. At the same time, the archipelago and its picturesque villages and amazing nature can be experienced everywhere. Did you know that Kimitoön will celebrate its 700th birthday in 2025?

Smooth transport connections from archipelago to the mainland

Kemiönsaari is located in Southwest Finland, surrounded by the Archipelago Sea and consisting of up to 3000 islands! Despite the islands, it is easy to travel between the mainland's largest cities along the Turuntie Road or through the canals of Strömma and Kokkila. For example, it is possible to travel from Turku to Kemiönsaari within less than one hour. To the neighbouring city, Salo, it is less than 50 km drive. There are regular bus services to Kemiönsaari from Helsinki, Turku and Salo. And, from the main island of Kemiö, you can conveniently travel, free of charge, to the outer archipelago with a ferry boat.

The population of the municipality reaches about 6600. From its’ 3000 islands 20 are permanently inhabited. There are many housing options for those who wish to live in peace, close to services as well as for those who appreciate quiet life in their own island. For example, would you like to live in Hiittinen or Rosala, in one of the southernmost inhabited islands in Finland? In fact, there are various lots for sale (website in Finnish) in Kemiönsaari for those who plan to build their own house. Furthermore, there are also apartments for rent!

Multilingual meetup place of services and arts

Kemiönsaari offers high-quality services for its residents. In a bilingual municipality, there are many schools and day-care centers where kids have an opportunity to get education in Finnish as well as in Swedish. Thanks to its diverse history and beautiful environment, such as Archipelago National Park, many tourists have shown interest in the area. There are restaurants with amazing food, beautiful views, and many other things like Kasnäs Spa bringing color to the daily lives of the residents of Kemiönsaari, too.

Entrepreneur-friendly Kemiönsaari offers spaces and activities for companies. There are plenty of workspaces to offer for anyone involved in creative industries. Kemiönsaari is known for its communal atmosphere and for its rich culture. Music and art festivals, held in Kemiönsaari, also attract foreign visitors.

Activities throughout the year

Kemiönsaari has been inhabited since the 1100s. Current residents can live their life in a highly valued and culturally significant environment. Stone labyrinth (Jatulintarha in Finnish), Bengtskär Lighthouse, and the idyllic ironworks area of Dalsbruk - ​​Taalintehdas describe well the history of this beautiful area. The residents of Kemiönsaari enjoy the beautiful nature of the beautiful archipelago. Its unique nature provides, among other things, a setting for climbing, kayaking and hiking.

Despite the peaceful lifestyle and the serenity of the archipelago, it is hard to become bored. The municipality offers brilliant possibilities for a wide range of sports activities, such as horseback riding, dancing, padel, sailing and golf. In addition, active local associations organize various activities from cultural events to inspiring sports. It is highly recommended to join those associations as it is a nice way for newcomers to create their social networks to local people in a new region.

Find out more on the website of Kemiönsaari.

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