Vibrant green

Nousiainen is a vibrant municipality in Southwest Finland, which is only a 15-minute drive from Turku. Residents enjoy a variety of good services and free-time activities as well as marvelous natural sites. A peaceful walk through the forest can begin only a few steps away from any backyard in Nousiainen.

Next door to Turku

Nousiainen is a charming rural municipality in the Turku region with about 4,700 inhabitants. The convenient location beside Highway 8 (Valtatie 8) means that a 20-kilometer trip to Turku takes only 15 minutes by car, or just a bit longer by a regular intercity bus connection. It is also possible to commute to Pori, which will take you about an hour by car. Longer trips to Helsinki or Tampere are also quite convenient. Local transport can take you from Nousiainen to Raisio, Masku and Mynämäki.

Good day to be living in the countryside!

This rural municipality is in the midst of nature, yet, in addition to peace of mind, it can offer great local services to its residents. Daycare centers and three schools are located conveniently along the main transport links; a local high school in the municipal center offers diverse activities for its students, including internationalization opportunities; and the vibrant village school of Valpperi uses the surrounding hiking trails as a learning environment.

Many residents of Nousiainen (called noustelainen in Finnish) live in detached houses, which are surrounded by beautiful countryside and forest landscapes. There are also terraced houses and apartment buildings located in the center. If you are interested in building a house, appealing and affordable plots (in Finnish) are available in new neighborhoods like Karhunperkko. Of course, there are also available plots far away from everything, if you dream of a peaceful life in the countryside.

Outdoor activities, hiking, and sports – something for everyone!

Nousiainen is known for its diverse outdoor opportunities and stunning nature. The unique hiking trail of Kuhankuono and the national park of Kurjenrahka invite every camping enthusiast to breathe in the beauty of Finnish nature. The municipality has two protected Natura 2000 areas: the national park of Kurjenrahka and the Rehtisuo area.

The residents of Nousiainen like to spend their time in the beautiful village of Valpperi, notably chosen as the village of the year in 2021. Valpperi offers a lot of outdoor activities: for example, it has a mountain bike trail spread across many kilometers. Also, the best snow conditions in the region, which are often referred to as “Valpperi’s white miracle”, allow for a large skiing trail network. From Valpperi you can ski along the Kuhankuono hiking trail all the way to Kurjenrahka.

The new Nouste Arena has high-quality fields where one can play all kinds of ball games from football to tennis. Other ways for residents of Nousiainen to work up a sweat is to visit a gym or play along two different frisbee golf tracks. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a skatepark! Two youth centers organize hobbies for children and teens outside the school hours. And if you are short on sports equipment, the local youth council loans equipment for everyone’s use.

Interesting history and lively people

St. Henrik’s Church is the crown jewel of Nousiainen. It’s located in one of Finland's most historically significant locations near Hirvijoki, and the meadows surrounding the church form a highly-valued traditional landscape. An active village association of Nousainen maintains a local history museum, where you can learn more about the area.

There’s lots to experience in this lively municipality. Nutturla's Makasiiniteatteri delights its audience with theater performances and also organizes theater courses. Residents of Nousiainen get to put on their dancing shoes at different dances and festivals regularly held in the Old Station, which has been beautifully renovated by the Aliskulma Village Association. In addition, many other village associations and organizations, such as Nousiainen VPK, Kuhankuonon Latu ja Polku, and Hirvijokilaakso ry, regularly organize exciting activities for residents.

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